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Get VR Ready – A Guide to Flight Simulator v1.80 Now Available

We start 2021 with a brand new free update to A Guide to Flight Simulator which now covers an introduction to VR, suitable hardware and how you can get the best performance from the new feature.

VR was a much-requested feature for Microsoft Flight Simulator and we’re pleased to bring you our first rendition of how to get yourself started with the technology.

For us, VR is still a new concept and something we’re keen to learn more about. As such, this is the first of a few updates we have planned for introducing you to VR. We are confident that the additional pages to our definitive guide will give you a great start at understanding the technology, how to get great performance and helping you know which software you need to get the most out of it.

You can download version 1.80 of A Guide to Flight Simulator from your account now. The files have been sent to other stores so be sure to check where you originally purchased the guide from to get your download.

If you don’t own A Guide to Flight Simulator, you can pick it up right now and get all the information you need about VR, plus so much more.

A Guide to Flight Simulator is now over 260-pages long. Our next update, version 1.90, will focus on the upcoming World Update III which covers the UK and Ireland.

Do you have feedback?

We’d love to hear from you! Please fill out our survey and let us know how we’re doing:

A Guide to Flight Simulator Changelog

V1.80 | Release Date: 13JAN2020

NEW – Virtual Reality recommended hardware
NEW – Virtual Reality performance settings
NEW – Virtual set-up tutorial and guide
ADDED – Changelog information
ADDED – Latest sim update information


A Guide to Flight Simulator Blog Weather Preset Pro

Give Us Your Feedback and Enter to Win €50 Gift Card

As we head into 2021, we’re keen to learn more from our customers (and non-customers) on how we can shape the future of SoFly. Whilst we have our ideas, it’s your feedback which will really help ensure we create future services and products suited to your needs.

As such, we’re asking you to spend around 5 minutes completing our simple feedback form.

As a way of saying thanks, we’re giving everyone who wishes to the chance to win a €50 Gift Card for simMarket. We’ll draw the winner from those who complete the survey and tell us they wish to enter.

The survey will close on January 31st 2021 and the raffle drawn the following day. Your feedback will then be used to help shape our future plans, which we’ll be sharing sometime during February.

Thank you in advance for your support. If you have any issues, do let us know.

A Guide to Flight Simulator Blog

SoFly A Guide to Flight Simulator – Future Plans

Since the release of A Guide to Flight Simulator back in August, we have received an incredible response from customers, community members, influencers and industry experts. Our guide has helped thousands of you get to grips with the brand new simulator.

Since our August release, we have updated the guide several times always bringing new information, updated content and fixing errors that you have found whilst reading the guide. In fact, the guide has gone from 120 pages to now 232. All of those updates have been free to all of our customers, along with providing timely responses to support questions and queries.

Moving forward, we wanted to share with you some of our plans for what the future holds for A Guide to Flight Simulator.

Future Updates

Whilst the last update was delivered at the end of October, we want to let you know that updates will continue moving forward. Here is our plan:

v1.70 – Early December

  • Focus on World Update II: USA
  • Changes to the Airbus tutorial based on feedback
  • Additional information on some of the new options added from the latest simulator updates

v1.80 – Early January

  • Focus on the new VR options
  • Additional control input information

v1.90 – Late January/Early February

  • Focus on World Update III: UK
  • New tutorial for a new aircraft

We intend on moving to version 2.** after we complete all of the above, but the content has yet to be decided.

Pro Edition

During the development of the current A Guide to Flight Simulator, we have been focused on ensuring that newcomers to the world of flight simulation have the easiest path to entry. We knew that we had to also cater for those who have more experience or are looking to take things to the next level. This is why we have been developing a Pro Edition to our guide as a supplement to the original guide.

The Pro Edition of our guide will feature a lot more in-depth information on elements such as reading charts, reading weather, handling various approaches and also communication to ATC via online networks. The Pro Edition will be just as jam-packed as the current guide and build upon many of the lessons learned from the original guide.

Whilst exact pricing details for the Pro Edition have yet to be decided, we can tell you that current A Guide to Flight Simulator owners will be able to upgrade for a small cost. We will also make the Pro Edition available as a separate product. That said, we are working to ensure that our communication is clear and the process is easy so that nobody pays more than what would be required.

We hope you look forward to a more in-depth, technical and educational guide through our upcoming Pro Edition.

Pricing Changes

Since August, we have sold A Guide to Flight Simulator for £9.99 GBP. We felt at the time, this represented great value for money for the guide. Since then, the cost of the product has remained the same despite free updates that added 50% more content to the product.

After the release of version 1.70, the price of A Guide to Flight Simulator will increase to £11.99 GBP. This price change will take place across all of our re-sellers. We feel this still represents excellent value for money for the quality of the guide and its contents. To confirm, all customers who have purchased the guide before the price increase will continue to get free updates for version 1.** without incurring additional costs.

The price change will only effect new customers.

Our recommendation is to buy the guide whilst it’s on sale for £7.49 during our Holiday Sale.

We have yet to determine whether updates to version 2.** will incur additional upgrade costs, but we’ll be sure to let you know first. We always want to be transparent with our current and future customers.


That wraps everything up for this update. Should you have any questions, do let us know.

Blog Weather Preset Pro

SoFly and IRIS Simulations Partner Up

We’re delighted to announce that we have partnered with IRIS Simulations. The aircraft developer recently released the incredible Jabiru J160/J170 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As one of the first third-party aircraft developed for the simulator, users get to experience an excellent representation of the aircraft.

IRIS Simulations is known for its excellent customer service and ability to deliver amazing products at a great price. Their J160/J170 is no exception and the aircraft has just been updated to version 1.30 bringing it a range of new features, free adventure packs and also various performance improvements.

The new update also includes some of our weather presets found in Weather Preset Pro. The included weather presets mean you can experience the brand-new bush trips the way IRIS Simulations intended. Simply installing the new update will give you instant access to this new material completely free of charge.

Of course, you can always expand on your included weather presets with Weather Preset Pro and continue flying the J160/J170 in 50 other presets that provides scenic views and challenging approaches.

We’re super thrilled that IRIS Simulations chose SoFly and Weather Preset Pro for their customers and we’re pleased to be able to share with our customers their fantastic J160/J170.

You can buy the IRIS Simulations Jabiru J160/J170 from the IRIS Simulations store, or from OrbxDirect.

You can also buy Weather Preset Pro from SoFly or through OrbxDirect.

IRIS Simulations Jabiru J160/J170 Version 1.3 Changelog

Released: 25 November 2020

  • Bush Trips – Tropical North Bushtrip added.
  • Bush Trips – New weather conditions courtesy of SoFly Weather Preset Pro now included in Gippsland Tour and Tropical North Bush Trips.
  • All aircraft – Performance refinement to flight model completed for more engine power accuracy.
  • All aircraft – Tablet display turns off when stowed, providing approximately 10FPS gain when stowed on some devices.
  • All aircraft – Fixed Z-Bias issue on circuit breaker labels.
  • All aircraft – Cockpit tooltips added.
  • All aircraft – Camera positions updated.
  • All aircraft – Update to J2200 mixture code for improved function.
  • J160-D – AvAngel J160-D added.
  • J160-D – Landing light added to J160-D.
  • J160-D – Lil’ Jo J160-D 24-7089 removed and replaced with new owners livery.
  • J170-C – G-CFSJ livery added.
  • J170-D – SCOOBS Gaming J170-C added.
A Guide to Flight Simulator Blog Weather Preset Pro

SoFly Holiday Sale – 26 – 30 November 2020

As we are super customer focused, we like to be completely transparent with you about our pricing strategy. This includes when items will go on sale. This is why we are announcing that between November 26th and November 30th, SoFly will be holding a Holiday Sale for A Guide to Flight Simulator.

Between those two dates, A Guide to Flight Simulator will be discounted to £7.49 giving you saving of 25%. New customers will be able to instantly download the 232-page guide straight to their device and have access to free updates moving forward all at the reduced rate.

Current customers of A Guide to Flight Simulator will also be eligible for a discount on Weather Preset Pro during the same period. This is a SoFly website exclusive offer. If you purchased A Guide to Flight Simulator at any point, you will be able to buy Weather Preset Pro for a 25% discount. You MUST be signed into your SoFly account to make good on the deal and the discount will automatically apply to your account. Full details are set out below.

We will also reduce the overall cost of the Combo Pack also for those looking to save on both products if you’re a new customer.

We want to thank all current and new customers and look forward to providing you with even more content in the future.

Full Discount Details.

All information below applies between November 26th – November 30th 2020 only.

New Customers

  • New customers can buy A Guide to Flight Simulator at a discount rate of 25%. This offer is on the SoFly website and participating partners.
  • Our Combo Pack will be reduced also in-line with the discounts available. The combo pack is only available through SoFly’s website.

Current A Guide to Flight Simulator owners

  • If you have purchased A Guide to Flight Simulator at any point in the past through SoFly, then you can buy Weather Preset Pro for 25% off. If you purchased A Guide to Flight Simulator through any other store, you will not be eligible for the discount.
  • You must be signed in to your SoFly account to get the discount. The discount will automatically be applied at the checkout if you are signed in and meet the criteria of owning A Guide to Flight Simulator. You can reset your password if you have forgotten it.

Current Weather Preset Pro owners

  • You can take advantage of the fact the guide is reduced in price by 25%.

If you have any questions, please do reach out to us via our support portal.


Join the SoFly Team as a Social Media Manager

If you love communicating with the community, have a passion for sharing your insight and excited by the prospect of providing engaging content to simmers, then SoFly has the PERFECT role for you.

SoFly is looking for a dedicated, reliable, proactive and positive person to join our growing organisation to be a Social Media Manager. This dynamic role will see you working with SoFly and multiple developers build strong relationships with current and new customers through social media and produce engaging content. This role is about finding exciting ways to talk to people, open up discussions and go beyond just simply sharing posts/screenshots. We need someone who is imaginative, approachable, has a good sense of the community and can proactively come up with creative ideas to build on our social presence.

This paid role will keep you motivated with monthly targets, a supportive line-manager and access to industry-leading tools and contacts to assist you to make the most of the role.

Initially, you will be required to work up to 15 hours per week, with an opportunity for this to increase over time as work becomes available.


  • Manage mailing lists and ensuring they are correctly tagged maximising performance/revenue opportunities
  • Create engaging and targeted emails as part of an automated system
  • Creating social media copy and create a series of engaging posts
  • Create and manage social media page based on plan
  • Engage with developers and publishers
  • Use current real-world events and community events to help plan proactive social media engagement
  • Record hours worked, along with reports on progress
  • Report to SoFly CEO on regular progress


  • Must be 18 years or over
  • Must be creative, engaging, enthusiastic and have a passion to help people
  • Must have experience within flight simulation and a good footing of current events and practice
  • Must be able to communicate effectively remotely
  • Must be able to prioritise and plan hours accordingly
  • Must have some experience with working in a community or customer support role

More details will be shared during the interview process, including hourly rate, expectations and requirements.

It should be noted this role is based on a “contract” basis and you won’t be directly employed by SoFly.


Blog Weather Preset Pro

Weather Preset Pro Updated to Version 1.10

We are pleased to confirm that Weather Preset Pro has been updated to version 1.10. The new version adds 10 brand new presets, fixes a range of bugs and improves the installation process for customers. This is a free update for all customers.

The new presets include additional jetstream presets, additional visibility conditions, new storm formations and also wild fire conditions.

Whilst we’re excited by the new presets, we’re also pleased to have found better ways to implement some of our ideas in the previous build and used new techniques to make them more visually appealing and realistic to fly through. We have toned down some of the harsh winds from some of the conditions and improved how your aircraft controls during those stormy approaches.

If you haven’t already purchased a copy, buy yours today.

How To Install / Update to Version 1.10

Updating to the new version is easy.

Non-Orbx Customers

You first must download the updated installer from your original purchase store. Customers who purchased via SoFly’s store, can download from their account.

If you already have Weather Preset Pro installed, you must follow the below instructions:

1 – Run the Weather Preset Pro installer

2 – Click on “Uninstall”

3 – Click on “install” and you will be notified upon successful installation of Weather Preset Pro

Orbx Customers

If you purchased Weather Preset Pro from Orbx, you first must run Orbx Central.

If you have automatic updates turned on, the application will detect an update is required and download and install the required files.

You can check by clicking on the “cog” icon and then “auto updates”.

If you have issues, raise a support ticket.

Weather Preset Pro Changelog

  • NEW – 10 New weather presets including Wildfires, Towering Clouds, and Shallow Fog
  • ADDED – New content to the manual to bring in-line with new presets
  • CHANGED – Installer now notifies when successfully installed into the simulator
  • CHANGED – Numerous changes to various weather presets to make them more realistic
  • FIX – Fixed various issues with uncontrollable aircraft in certain scenarios.
Blog Weather Preset Pro

Weather Preset Pro v1.10 Releasing Soon – 10 New Presets

The release of Weather Preset Pro earlier this month was met with huge success and a great response from the community. Your feedback has helped shape the product into something even greater than the original release.

As a result of that feedback and our commitment to always providing quality products at fair prices, we will soon be releasing a free update to Weather Preset Pro.

Version 1.10 of Weather Preset Pro will not only fix a handful of bugs reported by the community, but also add 10 additional presets to your collection. This now brings the total number of included of presets to 50.

The new presets include additional jetstream presets, additional visibility conditions, new storm formations and also wild fire conditions.

Whilst we’re excited by the new presets, we’re also pleased to have found better ways to implement some of our ideas in the previous build and used new techniques to make them more visually appealing and realistic to fly through. We have toned down some of the harsh winds from some of the conditions and improved how your aircraft controls during those stormy approaches.

The update is nearing completion with just a few more tweaks to go before we release it. It is our intention to release this week across all platforms, but we’ll write a post here confirming the exact release plans once we know for sure.

A huge thank you to the community for supporting Weather Preset Pro so far and we can’t wait to continue adding to this already busy collection of amazing weather.

If you haven’t done so already, pick up Weather Preset Pro here for just £4.99. You will get notified of the free update as soon as it’s released.

A Guide to Flight Simulator Blog

A Guide to Flight Simulator v1.60 Released – Japan Overview

“This is an excellent guide. It has answered all of my questions so far. Much to study and absorb. Layout makes it easy to use. Keep up the good work!”

Maurice M, SimShack Customer

Here at SoFly we remain committed to providing updates to A Guide to Flight Simulator as we get feedback from our customers. Version 1.60 adds more information about the recently released World Update I: Japan patch whilst fixing numerous elements of the guide we felt needed a bit of polish.

Version 1.60 adds an additional 10 pages to the guide absolutely free for customers and those purchasing the guide for the first time.

All of the update notes are down below.

How to Get the Update

To get version 1.60, you will need to redownload it from your original point of purchase. If you ordered it from SoFly’s store, then you will need to login to your account and click on the download button for the new guide.

However, if you downloaded the guide from another store (e.g. simMarket), then you will need to login to that account and redownload it.

As a reminder, this update is free of charge for all customers.

Please note that all stores have now received the files, but it may take a few hours to get them uploaded. You should be notified when your store has a new download waiting.

If you have yet to become a customer, you can buy your copy here.

World Update I: Japan

We have updated the guide to include all of the new airports added by the World Update. This means our airport section has expanded beyond what was originally in the guide upon release.

In addition, we have added in new information regarding the newly added landing challenges, the cross-country tour and some of the other improvements the patch delivered.

Quality of Life Improvements

Since release, we have had numerous emails providing us with small snippets of improvements and feedback. We have taken all of those comments and made hundreds or small and major changes. From fixing minor spelling errors to changing text portions to make more sense or easier to follow. Whilst the changes are too many to list, we hope you enjoy continuing seeing improvements delivered at a frequent pace for your guide.


In our last blog post, we discussed translations. We continue to work on the translations. It should be noted that the translations of updates are not guaranteed beyond version 1.60 of the guide. We’ll have more information on that in the future when we release the free translations.


  • Weather Preset Pro will be updated next week based on feedback. We will also add additional presets for free. You can buy your copy here.
  • Work continues on the “Pro” edition of A Guide to Flight Simulator which will be aimed at those looking to take their simulation experience to the next level. We’ll be detailing our plans for that in the coming weeks.
  • A Guide to Flight Simulator will see a marginal price increase in the coming weeks. Current customers will continue to get free updates. This price increase will be clearly communicated before we change the price along with our reasons as to why.

1.60 Changelog

V1.60 | Release Date: 21OCT2020

NEW – World Update I: Japan section
ADDED – Six new airports based on the free World Update (Japan) for the simulator
ADDED – New information in the performance section for ‘Render Scaling’
CHANGED – Colour for the footer to have better visibility for printing
FIX – Nearly 100 minor changes/fixes to text, spelling and font throughout
FIX – Corrected page number links where they were wrong/linking to the wrong page


Blog Weather Preset Pro

Weather Preset Pro Reviews, Testimonials and the Future

It has been just over a week since the initial release of Weather Preset Pro. We are super happy with how many of you are currently using and enjoying the new add-on. Seeing the community embrace the add-on and expand on their existing weather presets is incredible and the screenshots are also remarkable.

In this week’s blog post, we wanted to highlight the response to Weather Preset Pro and also what people are saying.

A Quick Note on the Future

Because of the success of Weather Preset Pro, we are pleased to announce we are working on a free update for all current and future customers. This free update will include a range of new presets that we have been able to produce (again, beyond what the simulator can do) to give you even more weather variations.

We are still producing and testing these new presets so expect them in a couple of weeks. We’ll give more information on the presets we will include in time.

Thank you again to all of our current and future customers.

You can find out more about the current version here. You can also buy from our store or via Orbx.


Here are some of the reviews from various outlets we’ve seen for Weather Preset Pro.


The team at MSFS Addons really liked Weather Preset Pro, saying that the price and number of presets add really great value to those using Microsoft Flight Simulator. They particularly enjoyed how some of the presets added in truly breath-taking views of places such as New York city.

We’ve been testing this addon since its release and can definitely recommended it for its price. They are well integrated with the simulator, right there together with the default presets, and provide not only a lot of variety but also interesting weather scenarios that are more challenging and difficult to fly on.


Simulated Aviation

Simulated Aviation put together a stunning video highlighting a huge number of presets included with Weather Preset Pro. Alongside that, they said that Weather Preset Pro is a “must-have” for those using Microsoft Flight Simulator.

With that being said, if you’re a film-maker or just want to add more weather presets than just the 9 default presets that come with Microsoft Flight Simulator this product is a must-have!

Simulated Aviation


It’s not just reviewers that are enjoying Weather Preset Pro, but also the community as well. Here’s a collection of what people are saying from YouTube, Facebook, the Orbx forums and even our own support channel.

That Flight Sim Channel using Weather Preset Pro

It’s gorgeous flying with the presets!

That Flight Sim Channel

The price is very reasonable and showcases the weather engine well, definitely, a must-buy for me.

Exile 1, YouTube

An amazing product. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Gregorio Antonio Delgado, Facebook

I got the payware version and I’m very happy with the purchase. I highly recommend the WPP themes pack.

DJJose, Avsim Forums

They look great, I even had a sand storm in NH. Right after a snowstorm.

177B, Avsim Forums

Some Screenshots / Video from the Community

Phil0671, Orbx Forums
adambar, Orbx Forums
HeKa48, Orbx Forums
Luna’s World
Mark Collins
WGAP Gaming
Media Hype Train
The Flight Sim Deck