UPDATE: Skopje Airfield Collection Updated

A brand new update for our stunning collection of airfields.

We have just released a brand new free update for Skopje Airfield Collection. Version 1.1.0 adds the iconic and incredible Millennium Cross to the package.

The pack also contains a few texture fixes as well.

You can get the new version from your account right now.

If you do not already own the collection, you can get your copy now from our store.


  • Three airfields in a single package: LW75 Stenkovec; LW67 Kumanovo; LW74 Bitola Logovardi
  • On-site photography used to recreate the airfields to the highest standard
  • 4K resolution texturing throughout
  • Custom-made 3D objects, which bring life to each airfield
  • Animated hangar with controllable door
  • Millennium Cross POI
  • Created and designed by renowned developer Teo Gerovski 

Why for you?

  • Great for flying with friends
  • Discover Macedonia in an all-new way
  • Great value with 3 airfields in a single package
  • Perfect for general aviation enthusiasts
  • Lots of Easter Eggs to discover giving you plenty of reasons to come back time and time again

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