RELEASE: Aircraft Lighting Pro for MSFS

Enhance your flight sim with Aircraft Lighting Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Aircraft Lighting Pro is now available for £7.99.

Embark on a journey into the future of virtual aviation with the definitive aircraft lighting solution for Microsoft Flight Simulator – Aircraft Lighting Pro.

Aircraft Lighting Pro elevates the visual aesthetics for all default aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Say farewell to static, lifeless lighting and welcome a world of dynamic realism.

Our custom textures and effects redefine visual brilliance. Whether it’s the dynamic glow of taxi lights or the captivating takeoff lights, every detail has been diligently crafted for an impact that goes beyond the ordinary.

Every aspect from pulsating strobe lights to precisely guided navigation lights have been meticulously designed to mirror the real-world aviation experience. This is the most realistic and immersive lighting set available today for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Illuminate your world effortlessly with a single, convenient download. Installing all lights is a breeze, and within moments, your virtual skies will transform into a radiant spectacle. Visually enhance your simulator without compromising performance.

Aircraft Lighting Pro doesn’t just enhance lights; it elevates your entire flight, making every takeoff, landing, and taxiing moment an unforgettable visual spectacle.

Aircraft Lighting Pro is now available for £7.99 // $9.99 USD (excluding taxes). It will be first made available on PC through Orbx and SoFly. It will come to PC and Xbox soon after.

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