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To inspire the next generation of pilots through the use of flight simulation, tailored to both newcomers and enthusiasts to the exciting hobby.

What We Are Doing

Through exemplary customer service, engaging products and one-to-one sessions, we will support all kinds of flight simulation fans or new comers to get the most from their product and services. 

We will be creating rich content and innovative ways to connect with experience pilots, keen simmers and industry experts to understand products and help grow your knowledge of aviation and flight.


Founded by Calum Martin, SoFly is all about empowering those looking to take their simulation experience to the next level. 

Calum has years of flight simulation experience and knowledge and is known for his direction with FSElite. Whilst Calum remains committed to providing leadership at FSElite, he wanted to expand to new ways to engage with those seeking new opportunities within the world of flight simulation. 

As such, SoFly was born to be a key role in leading the way for the next generation of pilots. Aviation is also progressing with new technology, advanced training techniques and exciting new ways to recruit. It is time that the same attention was given to inspiring new waves of people to want to take to the skies virtually and in real-life. SoFly will take away the confusion and provide a reliable and safe way to start your flight simulation journey.


Founder and CEO

Calum Martin


Director of Business and Software Development

Lisa Carpenter



Brent Cornelis

Javier Montalvo Solis




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