NEWS: Behind the Scenes of Developing Skopje Airfield Collection

We are just a few days away from releasing Skopje Airfield Collection for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but we wanted to share the effort and work that our developer Teo Gerovski went to in order to recreate these fun and amazing airfields.

“I’m come from Skopje, where I spent most of my time on Skopje Sport Airfield and that airfield gives me different vibes, so few years ago I said I’m going to make this airport,” Teo said. “I wasn’t sure if I should focus on that or larger airports and alot of stuff happened.”

When SoFly got in touch with Teo, we asked what airport he would love to recreate and he instantly said his local airfields would be excellent. Teo continued, “it is a very interesting airport, very often creating interesting events like the last one for the 100th anniversary of the airfield, but mainly it is an airport that I think in very soon time that will be my pilots career starting school.”

When it came to his favourite part of the airport, Teo said that the Wing Air Hangar at LW75 was a delight to make. This is where the main service for aircraft is done, which meant he spent loads of time ensuring it looks fantastic.

Bringing the airport to life in Microsoft Flight Simulator was no easy task for Teo. Development started last year, with an on-site photography session taking place at each of the three airports.

“No object is easy to do, it might be easier, by paying attention to detail, especially when you are working with real references you try to model and texture every possible detail, even the smallest ones, so I’d say that it is always better to spend more time developing something then releasing something that will give weird and unfinished vibes, which in this case I think is not present.”

Above: A comparison between the on-site photography image (left) and an in-sim shot (right).

Despite some of the challenges when building the airport (airport authorities didn’t always give permission at first), Teo is overall super happy with the airfield package. Teo said that “the first day I started working on the collection, I enjoyed texturing the buildings. But the best part is after you finish and place all the objects inside the simulator. So the most interesting part for me was the assembling the airfields, adding the clutter and seeing how the airfields are getting into life.”

We hope you enjoyed seeing this behind-the-scene look at the development of Skopje Airfield Collection. Expect it to release in the next few days.

Stay tuned to SoFly for the official trailer, release date and price!

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