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Buckle up for the most exhilarating, thrilling and dangerous flight simulation product created by SoFly.

STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator adds historic hurricanes, superstorms and a diverse range of global storm presets that will give you the most thrilling challenge yet.

Take flight anywhere in the world and go in search of these natural disasters. Historic hurricanes are based on real-world data, whilst fictional storms are designed to test your skills in unique conditions.

A huge number of fully voiced action missions are also included with STORM. You will go in search of hurricanes, collect geological data and transport vital equipment all whilst trying to avoid any emergency situations.

If action missions are too fast paced for you, take a more educational approach with the included airliner routes. Your co-pilot will give you all the information you need to know about the hurricane you’re about to fly over.

In a first for Microsoft Flight Simulator, STORM includes an interactive manual. A full audio tour written by a Geography and Natural Hazards Specialist is also included, this tour will teach you about hurricanes, their formation, and the destruction they cause.

With STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you will be able to find hurricanes in their real-world locations, take on numerous challenges and become the ultimate storm chaser.


  • 110 all-new Weather Presets that inject static historical and fictional storms into your simulator, broken down into:
    • 31 Hurricanes based on historical and geographical data.
    • 10 Fictional Storms spread globally.
    • 20 Super Cells
    • 10 Cyclones
    • 20 Tropical Storms
    • 10 Typhoons
    • 10 Weather presets based on tropical storms, hail and more that can be used anywhere in the world.
  • 4 thrilling Action Missions taking you into the eye of the storm:
    • Varied missions taking you on risky missions to find new storms and report back to base.
    • Your job will be to find hurricanes, super-cells and more on your journey around the world.
    • Voice overs will immerse you in the action and give you instructions when you need them most.
  • 10 realistic Educational Flight Missions that take you over the eye of the storm:
    • Based on realistic flight plans.
    • Joined by your onboard co-Pilot who will give you educational information on specific storms are you journey to your destination.
    • Perfect for all simmers looking to learn more about these natural disasters.
  • 10 Landing Challenges that will see you land in some of the toughest conditions yet:
    • Battle through hurricanes and achieve high scores in these brutal conditions.
    • Avoid cells as you weave towards the runway in your aircraft full of passengers.
  • 2 Discovery Flights to admire these storms from afar:
    • A slower-paced approach in these discovery packs allows you to admire the views of these storms from afar.
    • Learn a little more about some of these hurricanes and the impact these natural disasters had.
  • Interactive Manual through a built-in Discovery Flight:
    • Learn about the STORM product in the simulator itself.
    • Get tips and tricks to make the most of STORM.
  • Detailed PDF user-guide to help find hurricanes, storms and other weather effects in the world. Read online.
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STORM for MSFS Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Danny Whitaker

I really like this software, it is awesome.

Fabio Lagattolla
Weather to Fly?

Fabulous and fully featured product, great challenges, nice weather depiction. Makes one ponder whether to fly?!

Marc Loubieres
The challenges I NEEDED

I am a Severe weather lover (Hurricanes, Supercells etc), now thanks to SoFly team, I can fly inside them while I'm waiting for LiveWeather to simulate those!!!
Now I wish to see Hurricane Ida & Ian and Typhoon Haiyan! ;)

Ray Johnson
Good one is

Very pleased with this excellent challenges

Leigh Hobson
It is overall a great addition to MSFS2020

I have to say it is an interesting add on. I have played around with the features and overall I am impressed. The weather presets are interesting and fun, and the hurricanes are a great concept. I can see some ingenuity has gone in to bending the default engine in game to allow for this. My main gripes are probably due to limitations in the simulator, but the hurricanes look a bit cookie cutter - is to say that yes they look different than each other, but the edges are too perfect, when up close, the edge of the inner walls, and indeed the outer wall, are literally lines you can cross, these edges would not be so well defined in reality, and the eyes are perfect circles with a defined line that cuts through the cloud - like some kind of mask layer in photoshop. I would love for future editions to rough these up a little bit. I am also awaiting the super storms, and looking forward to that. I would like to see an option to move hurricanes but I admit I say this without understanding the game physics that goes into making them appear at all and i appreciate it might not be possible. But I would love to be able to plant one above my home city.

I still havent gone beyond free flight except for one mission “the day after tomorrow” which was epic i have to say, looking at manhattan like that was nothing short of amazing, although it crashed to desktop before landing unfortunately. I think this is a great mod for the money, and will enjoy any further updates that are provided, not least the aforementioned super storms mentioned in the manual.

peter zicha
So Much More Enjoyment

I love all the addons from SoFly including this one , The storm package adds on storms that would be almost impossible to generate on your own .
These are extremely well done making MSFS 2020 that much more of an interesting and enjoyable experience .

Only 1 step from great.

So much fun. Very well done. A couple areas CTD and the winds in some spots are a bit crazy even for a hurricane. Still well worth it.

Thomas Vandegrift
Nice depiction of real stormy weather

This really shows what flying in storms are like. Definitely is a different and unique set of challenges for pilot realistic conditions.

David Alejandro Rodríguez
Amazing Addon

Amazing Addon, spectacular environment situations. Hope in the future could be integrated as real life hurricans in the weather system.


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
  • PDF reader (for manual)


  • Text and voice-overs in English only

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