Weather Preset Pro (MSFS)


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Weather Preset Pro (MSFS)

Experience torrential tropical stormsharsh hurricanes and brutal blizzards all with the click of a button thanks to Weather Preset Pro. Weather Preset Pro goes beyond what is possible with the built-in tools to provide 100 brand-new weather presets to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Weather Preset Pro is the perfect way to try out challenging conditions anywhere in the world. Land at difficult airports in zero visibility or test out your skills with gusty winds sweeping your aircraft from side to side. Content creators will be able to also quickly jump between stunning clear skies to towering storms for those incredible cinematic shots.

So whether you’re looking to experience the crisp morning dew air or battle through terrifying sandstorms, Weather Preset Pro will enable you to let your imagination run wild.

  • 100 presets covering a range of exciting weather types
  • Custom-made presets that go beyond the built-in system
  • Create exciting scenes directly in the simulator without the need for an additional UI
  • A 20-page manual covering all variations and an introduction to METARs

Example Presets Included

  • Terrifying Towers
  • Blinding Sunshine
  • Snowy Scenes
  • Rainy Days
  • Cloud Scraper
  • Lightning
  • Fair Weather
  • Lingering Fog
  • Puffy Clouds
  • Altocumulus Floccus
  • Sandstorms
  • Blizzards
  • Zero-Visibility
  • Hurricane Conditions
  • Tropical Storms
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Weather Preset Pro (MSFS) Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
John Gibson
A happy simmer

I am very happy with the add-on. I have flown just now in a really demanding part of Indonesia with 100% traffic (I haven't used more than 10% for years) and with really heavy cumulous at low levels the scenery was stunning, with those clouds making the view very cinematic. I don't know why my frame rates are way up but if it is the cloud add-on then I couldn't be more pleased with it.
No problems have been experienced over four sessions in different areas with four different cloud pre-sets. I recommend this product.

Stewart Flett
Weather Preset Pro

It would not download into the default Documents folder - had to place it in Downloads.
It did not give a short cut icon in the system tray to change the settings.
I would like a response to this email.


Stewart Flett.

Jürgen Kerschner

I like it.

joseph mills

I wonder how I managed weather before as using this is so easy.
It is great to see the changes now.


The Weather Preset Pro is simply incredible, so real, so cool!! It's a must have for the serious Microsoft PC flyer!!

No-brainer addition to MSFS

The price is right, and the added presets give MSFS a fresh new feel. Sometimes you just have a need to land in the middle of a haboob, ya know?

todd russell
Love it

Great hdr clouds and rain

Awesome !

The add-on you never knew you needed that you can’t live without once it’s installed. Completely changes everything - especially on IFR flights - I prefer turboprops, but each to his own ! Simply put, the immersion goes off the charts. Seriously thinking about adding Storm to this to ratchet things up. Well done Sofly team.

Brandt Cordis
Get this add-on!

Already have "storms" in my community folder which let's you fly (or crash!) In hurricanes or rainstorms, sandstorms and snowstorms. Weather Preset Pro takes your choices of disastrous flying conditions to another level! You will fight head winds, tail winds, almost every treacherous condition you can imagine! Truly realistic and loads of fun!

Lucas C
The Weather Preset Pro

I highly recommend !!! Very good add-on


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020)
  • PDF reader (for manual)


  • Text in English only

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