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Our Mission

Collaboration In Education

SoFly is a newly formed company in the flight simulation space designed to work with developers, publishers, media outlets and content creators to help educate newcomers and experienced flight simmers.

Insider Insights to Help Inspire

Working jointly with others will enable SoFly to help others feel inspired when choosing their next virtual flight. Through the use of podcasts, video diaries and other forms of media, those in the industry can support and give tips to those just joining us.

Tutorials, Guides and Expert Knowledge

Having everything in one place to educate, inspire and guide is our mission. Over the course of time, SoFly will be populated with a huge collection of support for those with experience and those new to the world of Flight Simulation.

Watch Our Discovery Series

Working with other developers, community experts and others, we are putting together a truly collaborative approach to supporting newcomers and experienced simmers to the industry.


Episode #1 focuses on tips we would give to newcomers to the hobby.

What Else We Provide


If you're looking for support on your new flight simulation, we'll soon be opening a Discord where you can interact with others.


If you're a flight simulator developer looking for real marketing advice, we have experts on hand ready to help.


We have a range of tutorials and missions coming your way to help you get the most out of your flight simulator.

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