View A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition Directly in Your Sim – Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that a free update will soon be released for A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition that will allow you to view the guide directly from within your sim.

This new in-sim toolbar will enable you to quickly view the guide at any point during your flight. Skim through over 400-pages of stunningly designed content with the preview tab, before then reading what you need to know in high-definition quality. Search through the entire guide and use the highlight function to track the terms you’re looking for. If you use VR, then you’ll also be pleased to hear that you can view the guide in VR and use an on-screen keyboard to search.

Best of all, the in-sim guide will come at no cost to performance.

To be clear, the in-sim viewer does not replace the PDF edition and both options will be offered to all customers free of charge.

You can buy A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition right now from our store and once the new update goes live, you will be notified.

Also, version 1.30 of the guide will be released very soon and will include a detailed guide on how to fly the Junkers JU-52!

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