Product Reveal, Developer Seminars, First-Looks and More Await at FlightSimExpo 2021

This weekend, FlightSimExpo 2021 begins in sunny San Diego. Whilst we at SoFly won’t be physically present, we will be watching online across the entire weekend. Even if you can’t be there this weekend, you can still take part!

You can register NOW for an all-access pass that will grant you the chance to watch all the seminars, product reveals and more over the whole weekend.

Register here for just $15.00!

FlightSimExpo starts TODAY (Fri, 24th Sept) right through to Sunday, 26th Sept.

New to Flight Simulation?

We’ll be giving a 40-minute presentation on how you can get into flight simulation, where to start and the best resources to help you get the most from your sim.

This presentation is EXCLUSIVE to those who register for the event.

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