Introducing SoFly

Welcome to SoFly. This is an all-new flight simulation company aimed at supporting, educating and providing guidance to newcomers and flight simulation enthusiasts already embarking on their simulation experience.

My name is Calum and I am the CEO and founder of SoFly. You may recognise me from other outlets within the world of flight simulation and I’m here today to bring you up to speed with a side project I have been passionate about.

With flight simulation now very much in the eyes of the larger community, we are going to see a huge increase in the number of people interested in flight simulation. This means more people then ever will need support in getting the most from their flight simulator. Whether that be current simulators, mobile flight simulators or even upcoming ones – I am passionate about wanting to help those joining the scene get the most from their experience.

If you’re an experienced simmer already, you may remember what it was like when you first joined. A huge number of acronyms, developer names, product types and so forth. Over the past year, I’ve done various seminars at events and the common questions always seem to come up – what do I need to get started?

I always found answering that question incredibly hard as there is never a one-size-fits-all answer. There are simmers who fly long-haul jets, those looking to discover GA flying or simply those who want to join an online community and fly with friends. There is a lot to choose from so I wanted to find new ways to better answer that for individuals.

SoFly will be a new way to help those. Using communities, collaboration, guides, online tutorials and more to benefit those looking to create those memorable simulation experiences. Whilst I may be leading the effort with SoFly, I will be working with those industry experts, developers, publishers and content creators to help newcomers and experienced simmers alike find the best way to enjoy their experience and even inspire them to try something new.

Finally, before I dive into what we’re creating right off the bat, I should note that I am still very much part of FSElite. For me, FSElite serves as a portal to new product information, reviews and editorial content. SoFly will serve as a way to help educate and get people into the right places. So yes, I’ll be doing both without compromise to each other.

Our First Helping Hand

To start, a brand new video series has been created where I discuss with a range of industry insiders how we can help newcomers. Our first episode is already live where I was joined by Ben from Airline2Sim, Evan from FlightSimExpo, Edson from The Sky Lounge and Sergio from

This is just the first episode of many to be created to start aligning those who help the community with a better understanding on what we can do for the future flight simmers and what advice we would give to anyone joining. Future episodes will focus on different topics with new people joining us as we do what we can to help.

Your Guide to Simulation

With the new Microsoft Flight Simulator releasing on August 18th, we know that there will be many people looking for ways to get the most out of the simulator. To that end, we have been busy creating you the ultimate guide to the new flight simulator.

Example of what’s included.
Example of what’s included.

Over 100 pages of content will cover:

  • Detailed information on every hand-crafted airport
  • Detailed information on each included aircraft
  • Getting the best performance from your simulator
  • Learning to use built-in features such as ATC, camera controls, and more
  • Setting up multiplayer flights with ease
  • Inspiration on landmarks and cities to explore
  • New challenges to test your piloting skills
  • Walk-through tutorials for your first flights
  • How to use the UI and explore the world with ease

Our guide to the new flight simulator will be available from Tuesday August 18th 2020. More details around the release and some previews will be shared close to the time.

Win Flight Simulator Hardware

SoFly is all about helping those get the best experience from the flight simulator. Regardless of which simulator, having the right hardware is paramount. That’s why we are giving three well-known pieces of hardware away to the community.

We have on offer:

  • 1 x Honeycomb Aeronautical Alpha Yoke
  • 1 x Thrustmaster TPR Pedals
  • 1 x G Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System

All you need to do to win is enter our contest via the widget below. There are numerous ways to enter. The more entries you have, the more likely you are to win.

The contest closes on August 21st 2020 with winners picked shortly after.

We will then draw randomly a winner who gets to choose which product they want, followed by the second winner who will have the option between the two remaining prizes. Finally, the last person drawn will win the final prize.

We will post them by a trusted courier directly to you so you then have some incredible new ways to experience your flight simulator.

SoFly Hardware Contest

The Future

This is very much the start of a long future for SoFly.

We welcome you to join our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our YouTube channel for content.

We look forward to seeing you around and knowing how we can support you.

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