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Microsoft Flight Simulator – Best Video Content

Amazing Content Is Around Every Corner

Since the media could get their hands on the new Microsoft Flight Simulator, they have been trying to cover every corner of the Earth to show off what the sim is capable of.

We have searched the internet to find a range of content that you should love!

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Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Tour

YouTuber The Flight Sim Deck has spent time in some more unique global destinations (outside of the major cities) and his globe trotting has landed himself in Chernobyl. Home to one of the worst nuclear disasters on record, this is a great tour of the unique city.

Area 51

One of the most asked questions is what happens when the satallite data doesn’t exist. Well ObsidianAnt has answered that by flying over one of the most secretive locations on Earth; Area 51.

Icy Conditions

Simulation nut Squirrel has created a range of videos that focus on various aspects of flying and perhaps one of his best is the video on icy conditions. This 47-minute video will take you through some dangerous flying and how to best handle them in your aircraft. Remember, icing is modelled directly in the simulator without the need of other add-ons.

Windy A320 Landing

Imagine flying these aircraft in real life, especially when coupled with tough flying conditions. This video from Variable demonstrates what pilots go through when flying the jets in windy conditions. Whilst not scary, it’s always fun to watch pilots try those harder parts of being a virtual pilot.

Photography Simulator?

If you’re into photography, then this video by EricAdams321 will show you how you can do just that. Thanks to the beauty of the new simulator, you can take pictures that look lifelike and picturesque. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve got so far.

London to Inverness Full Flight

There are a few full flight videos out there already, but this one from London to Inverness is a great blend of procedures, cinematography and also has a great scenic approach.

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