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Advanced Notice- A Guide to Flight Simulator – Upgrade Path Changes Inbound

Back on December 6th 2021, we announced that our upgrade path for owners of the original ‘A Guide to Flight Simulator’ would be discontinued on January 3rd 2022. We have since received feedback from you all asking us to extend the upgrade service. As a result of that feedback, we have listened and have decided to extend the upgrade period by 2 weeks. This means that the upgrade path will no longer be available from Monday, January 17th 2022.

Owners of the original ‘A Guide to Flight Simulator’ saw over 168 extra pages added to the 120-paged original guide and was updated when the simulator was also updated. In order to keep these updates going, we released our ‘Extended Edition’ that continued that trend of being always up-to-date. A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition is now over 440-pages long, with many more updates planned for 2022.

The Extended Edition adds new tutorials, brand new flight discovery information and much more. In addition, the new Extended Edition also has a new tool that enables you to add it directly to your simulator using the in-sim toolbar. This gives you quick and immediate access to the guide without having to swap screens.

Owners of the original guide can still take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade to the Extended Edition at a massive discount. You will be able to upgrade to A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition for just £8.99** and continue to get free updates and access to the new tutorials and in-sim toolbar. 

By upgrading you can continue getting the latest updates, performance tips and more for more than 50% off. 

However, you will need to hurry as this offer will be ending on Monday, January 17th 2022. After this time, A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition will be available to all customers for £19.99*. Customers who own the Extended Edition will continue to get updates free of charge for the rest of the year. If you would like to see what other customers thought of the Extended Edition, you can read their reviews in our accolades trailer.

If you bought the guide from another store, you will be able to upgrade via THAT store. Otherwise, you can request a license transfer in order to take your purchase from that store to ours and upgrade via our website.

For those who have already upgraded to the Extended Edition, we would like to thank you. Your support helps us to continue providing these free monthly updates to enhance your flight simulation experience. To be clear, if you already own A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition, you will not have to do anything and you own the latest and greatest version of the guide.

We are sure there are some of you with questions about the upgrade policy and future updates. As such, there’s a full FAQ detailing that here: https://sofly.io/a-guide-to-flight-simulator-extended-edition/pricing-faq/

If you do have questions, you can reach out to our support team who will help you further.

A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition Feature List

  • Hundreds of beautifully designed pages to help newcomers and experienced simmers alike.
  • Tutorials designed to help you get to grips with a number of aircraft and tools including the G1000, the DC-6, the A320 and the Junkers JU-52.
  • Regular free updates offer new tutorials and keeps the guide updated in line with updates for the core simulator.
  • Read the guide directly from within the simulator. Simply open the guide using the in-sim toolbar. No performance impact.
  • Use the search function to find exactly what you need
  • Preview pages offer a quick overview across the hundreds of included page
  • Compatible with VR displays and the built-in keyboard makes finding information even easier
  • PDF editions are also included for use on external devices

Buy A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition here for £8.99**

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