A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition

Pricing FAQ

Updated 18th January 2022

We recognise that there may be some questions surrounding A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition’s pricing structure so we have put together this handy FAQ sheet to answer your questions.

As we have previously communicated, our update service ended on January 17th 2022. This was after over 6 months of discount upgrades for customers. 

You will be able to buy A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition from our store for £19.99 (plus VAT).

You can buy it here.

As of January 17th 2022, the upgrade discount was ceased.

When we released A Guide to Flight Simulator, we made a commitment to release a number of free updates to it as the simulator was updated. When we released A Guide to Flight Simulator in August 2020, it was 120-pages long. Since then, we have released 168-pages on top of that free of charge. These updates added new tutorials, fresh information and whole new sections.

We also know that customers wish to have even more detailed tutorials, how-tos and more. In order for us to do that, we need to find a sustainable way to ensure we can continue providing quality content for customers. 

As A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition builds on the original, we are offering a significant discount to customers who already own the current guide as a thanks for the support.

Yes. You will need to fill out this form. Please note, it may take up to 48-hours to approve the transfer as it’s a manual process. Please also note that our support staff don’t work weekends so a response may take longer during that period.

Transferring your license from another store does not entitle you to discount. This will simply allow you to move your purchase to our store to get updates faster.

As of June 15th 2021 @ 17:00pm zulu, the following stores are selling A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition:

  • SoFly
  • FlightSim.com
  • simMarket
  • Aerosoft
  • SimShack
  • FlightSim.to
  • Orbx


All of those stores enable you to upgrade via their store providing you are signed into the account where you first purchased it from.

The following stores are currently not selling A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition:

  • Just Flight
  • Google Play Books
  • FlightSimWebshop
  • FSPS Store


Should the situation on the above store changes, we’ll communicate this to customers. If you purchased from any of the stores we are not selling the Extended Edition, contact us for a license transfer request.

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