STORM for MSFS – Xbox Version COMING SOON!

STORM is coming soon to Xbox Series X|S.

The launch of STORM for MSFS for PC last week saw many of you become storm chasers! It’s been amazing seeing how many of you have been brave enough to fly through historical hurricanes and taken on numerous challenges and story-driven missions.

We are now pleased to confirm that we have sent off STORM for MSFS to Microsoft for approval in the in-sim Marketplace.

It will take a few weeks to make its way through the process, but rest assured that those of you waiting to boot up your Xbox and fly through these storms won’t have long to wait.

When STORM for MSFS is available for Xbox Series X|S, we’ll be sure to notify you.

Upcoming Update

We’re also pleased to announce that a brand new, FREE, update is in the works for STORM. The new update will add cyclones, typhoons and super cells to the mix. Super cells was originally planned for the first version, but Sim Update 9 caused us to have to push this until a fix was made with the simulator. We can confirm this fix is coming in Sim Update 10 and it means super cells will be coming soon.

Version 1.1.0 of STORM is in development and will include new features, additional missions and bug fixes. We’re aiming to release the new version in a few weeks and will be available for PC and Xbox users.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has picked up a copy of STORM. We’re humbled by your support and can’t wait to see what feedback you have for us.

We know that some of you experienced some issues, but we have worked fast to support those customers so they can get back in the skies quick-time!

What You’ve Been Saying

Every review left for us helps to identify what you like and what you don’t like about STORM. Here’s what a few reviews have said so far!

“Thank you!! Absolutely LOVE the addon, scary and thrilling ????


“I love all the addons from SoFly including this one , The storm package adds on storms that would be almost impossible to generate on your own .
These are extremely well done making MSFS 2020 that much more of an interesting and enjoyable experience .”

***** 5 STAR Peter Zicha (Customer Review)

“So much fun. Very well done. A couple areas CTD and the winds in some spots are a bit crazy even for a hurricane. Still well worth it.”

**** 4 STAR Gawin (Customer Review)

“This really shows what flying in storms are like. Definitely is a different and unique set of challenges for pilot realistic conditions.”

***** 5 STAR Thomas Vandegrift (Customer Review)

“Amazing Addon, spectacular environment situations. Hope in the future could be integrated as real life hurricans in the weather system.”

***** 5 STAR David Alejandro Rodríguez (Customer Review)

Pick Up A Copy

If you’re looking to add hurricanes to your simulator, you can buy a copy of STORM from our store for £9.99 (plus any local taxes).

Please then leave us a review to let others know about your experience!

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