Historic Hurricanes and Terrifying Storms

Become a STORM chaser!

Become a Storm Chaser

Have you got what it takes to chase down hurricanes, storms and more in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

Visually Stunning Weather Conditions

STORM turns your simulator into a stunning but terrifying playground of chaotic storms.

Access Fully Voiced Missions

Over 35 varied missions are fully voiced to provide you an exciting, thrilling and educational experience. Over 50 hours of entertainment.

Introduction and Discovery Flights

Get in-depth knowledge about how hurricanes are made with our interactive flights.

Educational Airliner Flights

Fully voiced and interactive airliner flights take you on journeys finding historic hurricanes.

Tough Landing Challenges

Test your skills in a variety of landing challenges. Can you land in a CAT5 hurricane?

Story-Driven Missions

Deliver goods, collect data and battle aircraft failures in a variety of thrilling missions.

Global Storm Presets

Try out a number of additional storm presets that cover the whole world in dangerous environmental conditions.

Read the Fabulous Manual

Discover more about STORM or get help with our fabulous manual.

Exclusively for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Available on the in-sim Marketplace for PC and Xbox Series X|S

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