Announcing Animals for MSFS

Add all-new species of animals to Microsoft Flight Simulator.

At FlightSimExpo 2023, we just revealed our newest product: Animals for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Introducing Animals for Microsoft Flight Simulator. This all-new, ground-breaking product for Microsoft Flight Simulator adds a new immersive experience to your simulator.

With Animals, flight simmers can populate their worlds with a vast range of brand-new species of animals that roam the world. Animals will introduce different species of whales, add lions, pigs, horses, sheep, crocodiles and more.

Grab a friend and go on a discovery to find your new favourite animal in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Each new species has been carefully crafted to suit its environment thanks to top 3D modelling and expert texturing.

All of the animals have been meticulously animated, with many of them roaming or flying around the world, meaning they need to be found from the skies. We haven’t focused on just one region either, as animals are populated across all seven continents waiting for you to find them.

This is our first introduction to Animals for MSFS and more details about future species, missions and more will be shared in the future as we get closer to releasing this unique product for the simulator.

Animals will be compatible with Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) and available for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

For now, enjoy the teaser trailer and start thinking about which friends you will grab for group flights to go out into the world to find all of these amazing creatures.

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