Introducing A Complete Guide to Flight Simulator 2023

A free update is coming on May 30th to our award-winning guide for all customers who owned A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition.

We are beyond thrilled to announce a new free upgrade to our award-winning guide to Microsoft Flight Simulator. A Complete Guide to Flight Simulator 2023 is a brand new version that now features over 600-pages of content all about the latest flight simulator from Microsoft.

A Complete Guide to Flight Simulator replaces all past editions of our award-winning and critically acclaimed guide that covers everything you need to know about Microsoft Flight Simulator. Featuring now over 600-pages of beautifully designed content, packed to the brim with information, A Complete Guide to Flight Simulator will tell you everything you need to know.

Inside, you will find pages upon pages of content relating to all the Sim Updates, World Updates and base simulator that will give you the edge over anyone else with the simulator. Ever wondered how to find animals, host a multiplayer flight or maximise your hardware for the best performance? This guide features all of that and more.

Whether you’re a newcomer or an experienced simmer, our expertly built tutorial flights will make you a pro in no time. A Complete Guide to Flight Simulator features tutorial flights for aircraft such as the 737NG, A320, Icon A5 and even onboard tools like the G1000 unit. Each tutorial is presented in a stunning format that is simple and easy to follow at all times.

Included with A Complete Guide to Flight Simulator is 2 PDF files (portrait and landscape) so you can take the guide anywhere. Alternatively, we have included a custom in-sim options where you can install the guide directly into your simulator and view it from a custom window as you’re flying. Follow along to tutorials quickly and easily from one screen, or put it onto your tablet device. The choice is yours!

A Complete Guide to Flight Simulator 2023 will also be updated alongside Sim Updates shortly after they’re released with all the latest content.

If you previously owned A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition, you can upgrade completely free of charge. Starting on May 30th, customers with the previous guide will find A Complete Guide to Flight Simulator 2023 in their account already without the need to purchase it again.

A Complete Guide to Flight Simulator will be made available through SoFly and Orbx starting on May 30th 2023.

Microsoft will also receive it to put through the Marketplace. We’re hoping this will be a free upgrade for those customers also, but it may be out of our hands.

If you don’t already own our guide, then you will be able to buy it for £14.99 (excluding taxes).


Current Version: 1.0.0
MAY 2023

  • NEW – PMDG 737NG Tutorial Flight
  • NEW – World Update X – XII Information
  • NEW – 40th Anniversary Edition Information
  • NEW – All Default Aircraft Added
  • NEW – All World Update Airports Added
  • NEW – Future Sim Update Information
  • NEW – Simulator Patches and Update Information
  • NEW – Xbox WASM Information
  • UPDATED – Maximise Performance Settings
  • UPDATED – Sim Training
  • UPDATED – Photogrammetry Cities
  • UPDATED – Sim Issues and How to Resolve
  • UPDATED – Paid MS DLC Aircraft Information
  • UPDATED – SoFly Products
  • FIX – Contents Page
  • FIX – Various spelling/grammar errors
  • FIX – Replaced old outdated menus in many places

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