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A Guide to Flight Simulator v1.60 Released – Japan Overview

“This is an excellent guide. It has answered all of my questions so far. Much to study and absorb. Layout makes it easy to use. Keep up the good work!”

Maurice M, SimShack Customer

Here at SoFly we remain committed to providing updates to A Guide to Flight Simulator as we get feedback from our customers. Version 1.60 adds more information about the recently released World Update I: Japan patch whilst fixing numerous elements of the guide we felt needed a bit of polish.

Version 1.60 adds an additional 10 pages to the guide absolutely free for customers and those purchasing the guide for the first time.

All of the update notes are down below.

How to Get the Update

To get version 1.60, you will need to redownload it from your original point of purchase. If you ordered it from SoFly’s store, then you will need to login to your account and click on the download button for the new guide.

However, if you downloaded the guide from another store (e.g. simMarket), then you will need to login to that account and redownload it.

As a reminder, this update is free of charge for all customers.

Please note that all stores have now received the files, but it may take a few hours to get them uploaded. You should be notified when your store has a new download waiting.

If you have yet to become a customer, you can buy your copy here.

World Update I: Japan

We have updated the guide to include all of the new airports added by the World Update. This means our airport section has expanded beyond what was originally in the guide upon release.

In addition, we have added in new information regarding the newly added landing challenges, the cross-country tour and some of the other improvements the patch delivered.

Quality of Life Improvements

Since release, we have had numerous emails providing us with small snippets of improvements and feedback. We have taken all of those comments and made hundreds or small and major changes. From fixing minor spelling errors to changing text portions to make more sense or easier to follow. Whilst the changes are too many to list, we hope you enjoy continuing seeing improvements delivered at a frequent pace for your guide.


In our last blog post, we discussed translations. We continue to work on the translations. It should be noted that the translations of updates are not guaranteed beyond version 1.60 of the guide. We’ll have more information on that in the future when we release the free translations.


  • Weather Preset Pro will be updated next week based on feedback. We will also add additional presets for free. You can buy your copy here.
  • Work continues on the “Pro” edition of A Guide to Flight Simulator which will be aimed at those looking to take their simulation experience to the next level. We’ll be detailing our plans for that in the coming weeks.
  • A Guide to Flight Simulator will see a marginal price increase in the coming weeks. Current customers will continue to get free updates. This price increase will be clearly communicated before we change the price along with our reasons as to why.

1.60 Changelog

V1.60 | Release Date: 21OCT2020

NEW – World Update I: Japan section
ADDED – Six new airports based on the free World Update (Japan) for the simulator
ADDED – New information in the performance section for ‘Render Scaling’
CHANGED – Colour for the footer to have better visibility for printing
FIX – Nearly 100 minor changes/fixes to text, spelling and font throughout
FIX – Corrected page number links where they were wrong/linking to the wrong page


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