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Weather Preset Pro Reviews, Testimonials and the Future

It has been just over a week since the initial release of Weather Preset Pro. We are super happy with how many of you are currently using and enjoying the new add-on. Seeing the community embrace the add-on and expand on their existing weather presets is incredible and the screenshots are also remarkable.

In this week’s blog post, we wanted to highlight the response to Weather Preset Pro and also what people are saying.

A Quick Note on the Future

Because of the success of Weather Preset Pro, we are pleased to announce we are working on a free update for all current and future customers. This free update will include a range of new presets that we have been able to produce (again, beyond what the simulator can do) to give you even more weather variations.

We are still producing and testing these new presets so expect them in a couple of weeks. We’ll give more information on the presets we will include in time.

Thank you again to all of our current and future customers.

You can find out more about the current version here. You can also buy from our store or via Orbx.


Here are some of the reviews from various outlets we’ve seen for Weather Preset Pro.


The team at MSFS Addons really liked Weather Preset Pro, saying that the price and number of presets add really great value to those using Microsoft Flight Simulator. They particularly enjoyed how some of the presets added in truly breath-taking views of places such as New York city.

We’ve been testing this addon since its release and can definitely recommended it for its price. They are well integrated with the simulator, right there together with the default presets, and provide not only a lot of variety but also interesting weather scenarios that are more challenging and difficult to fly on.


Simulated Aviation

Simulated Aviation put together a stunning video highlighting a huge number of presets included with Weather Preset Pro. Alongside that, they said that Weather Preset Pro is a “must-have” for those using Microsoft Flight Simulator.

With that being said, if you’re a film-maker or just want to add more weather presets than just the 9 default presets that come with Microsoft Flight Simulator this product is a must-have!

Simulated Aviation


It’s not just reviewers that are enjoying Weather Preset Pro, but also the community as well. Here’s a collection of what people are saying from YouTube, Facebook, the Orbx forums and even our own support channel.

That Flight Sim Channel using Weather Preset Pro

It’s gorgeous flying with the presets!

That Flight Sim Channel

The price is very reasonable and showcases the weather engine well, definitely, a must-buy for me.

Exile 1, YouTube

An amazing product. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Gregorio Antonio Delgado, Facebook

I got the payware version and I’m very happy with the purchase. I highly recommend the WPP themes pack.

DJJose, Avsim Forums

They look great, I even had a sand storm in NH. Right after a snowstorm.

177B, Avsim Forums

Some Screenshots / Video from the Community

Phil0671, Orbx Forums
adambar, Orbx Forums
HeKa48, Orbx Forums
Luna’s World
Mark Collins
WGAP Gaming
Media Hype Train
The Flight Sim Deck

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