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Mataveri International Airport is now on Xbox and PC

We are hugely excited to announce that Mataveri International Airport (SCIP) is now available on both Xbox and PC through the in-sim Marketplace.

Our first scenery release on Xbox is the best version ever created of the iconic Easter Island Airport and comes with breathtaking replica buildings, accurate ground textures, and the legendary Moai Statues.

This release is our v2 of the airport, which comes with improved modelling, texturing and vastly improved performance.

Just search for SoFly in the in-sim Marketplace!

You can buy SCIP Matavari International Airport now from the in-sim Marketplace for Xbox and PC for £7.99 (plus local taxes).

You can also buy it directly from our store for PC.

Adventure to one of the most remote airports in the world and uncover the natural wonder that is Easter Island.

Developed by esteemed developer WTFlightSim, this stunning and realistic recreation of Mataveri International Airport provides you with the gateway to one of the most tropical islands in the world.

No area has been left untouched by this high-quality airport. Such a beautiful place in the world deserves an equally beautiful rendition in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Admire the detailed airport modelling with its unique structure and materials. You will be impressed by the airport signage that has been painstakingly recreated to the finest level of detail. Be sure to say hello to the hand-crafted and carefully placed Moai scattered throughout.

You will be absorbed by the tropical atmosphere from the moment you touch down on Easter Island. WTFlightSim has gone above and beyond with this faithful recreation of Mataveri International Airport and you will find passion in each model and texture. Gorgeous animations, UHD 4K texturing and an accurate ground layout will make you fall in love with Mataveri International Airport yourself.

The airport can easily accommodate aircraft up to the 787 right through to smaller GA traffic. So if you want to fly a big jet to the island or simply go on an island tour, Mataveri International Airport can perfectly accommodate your flying style.

Mataveri International Airport is a must-have in your collection if you LOVE island approaches, learning about new cultures and are eager to fly somewhere truly unique in the world.

Version 2 of the beloved airport has been completely rebuilt with the latest modelling technology and optimisations. Experience the best version of Mataveri Airport now with great performance and stunning visual fidelity. Mataveri Airport v2 is a free update to all current customers.

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