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Weather Preset Pro Releasing Wednesday 7th October 2020

We’re excited to announce that Weather Preset Pro will release on Wednesday, 7th October 2020.

Our newest product will give Microsoft Flight Simulator users the chance to experience 40 brand-new weather presets that will enhance their simulation experience.

Weather Preset Pro is the perfect way to try out challenging conditions anywhere in the world. Land at difficult airports in zero visibility or test our your skills with gusty winds sweeping your aircraft from side-to-side.

You will be able to buy Weather Preset Pro from SoFly and OrbxDirect starting Wednesday 7th October 2020.

Find out more about Weather Preset Pro here.

Price: £4.99 / €5.49 / $6.95 / $8.99AUD

SoFly Store Page (Not visible until Wednesday 7th October 2020)

OrbxDirect Store Page

We look forward to customers experiencing these amazing weather presets. Should customers need help, our new support portal has been designed to provide the help you need.

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