Microsoft In-Sim Marketplace Updates

A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition

Just a small update from us to let you know that we have sent Microsoft A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition version 1.50. This update includes all of the new guide information.

More importantly, this update includes a PDF version of the guide. This means customers who bought the guide through the in-sim Marketplace will soon be able to access the guide on any device.

When the update is live, you will be able to find the guide update in the following folder:

[community folder]/sofly-pdfmanual/inc/PDF”

Again, this will only be accessible once Microsoft releases the update.

We have no timeframes on when this update will be released.

Please note that we are unable to do license transfers from Microsoft Marketplace purchases to SoFly purchases.

I would like to also add that at this time, it’s not possible for us to bring A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition to Xbox due to the file format we use.

Weather Preset Pro

Thank you to everyone who has purchased Weather Preset Pro either on PC or Xbox. We are monitoring your feedback and any updates will be released in due course.

Landing Challenge Pro

Thank you to everyone asking when it will be coming to the Xbox and PC. We are currently ironing out some bugs for the Xbox version and then will submit the update to Microsoft. Once approved, it will be released on both Xbox and PC.

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