UPDATE: Weather Preset Pro Third Anniversary Edition – Now Available

Can you believe it has been three years since we released Weather Preset Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator? In that time, we have grown the best-selling product to include 100 different weather presets for your sim.

The Third Anniversary Edition update (v1.4.0) now includes 20 additional realistic cloud presets. These new presets have been designed based on actual weather conditions and how the clouds are formed in the sky. The result is something super realistic and fun to fly through. Plus they make for excellent visuals!

  • WPP – Altocumulus Floccus 1
  • WPP – Altocumulus Floccus 2
  • WPP – Nebulosus
  • WPP – Cirrocumulus
  • WPP – Cumulus Congestus
  • WPP – Cumulonimbus
  • WPP – Altostratus Nebulosus
  • WPP – Altostratus Nebulosus 2
  • WPP – Cumulus Mediocris
  • WPP – Cirrocumulus Floccus
  • WPP – Cirrostratus Castellanus
  • WPP – Cirrus Fibratus
  • WPP – Cirrus Fibratus 2
  • WPP – Cirrus Stratocumulus
  • WPP – Cirrus Altostratus
  • WPP – Altocumulus Castellanus
  • WPP – Cirrus Floccus
  • WPP – Cirrus Floccus 2
  • WPP – Altostratus Fiber – Humid
  • WPP – Altostratus Fiber – Cold and Snowy

Further to these new cloud presets, we have added an additional 10 weather conditions that will enhance your simulator. These presets are more fun, but can add a challenge or a great appearance to your simulator.

  • WPP – Terrifying Towers
  • WPP – Blinding Sunshine
  • WPP – Snowy Scenes
  • WPP – Rainy Days
  • WPP – Cloud Scraper
  • WPP – Lightning
  • WPP – Fair Weather
  • WPP – Lingering Fog
  • WPP – Puffy Clouds
  • WPP – Third Anniversary Clouds

Weather Preset Pro Third Anniversary Edition is available as a free update for all product owners. We have sent it to vendors to include in their stores so keep your eyes peeled.

If you don’t already own Weather Preset Pro, then you can buy it from our store for £7.99 (excl. VAT).

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