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EcoSoundScapes for MSFS

Enhance your Microsoft Flight Simulator experience with EcoSoundScapes, a comprehensive environmental sound pack. This innovative add-on brings hundreds of high-quality sounds to your virtual flights, making every location in the game more vibrant and lifelike.

Fly over dense jungles, hear the wildlife below, or approach busy airports with the sounds of aircraft and ground crew all around you. EcoSoundScapes covers diverse environments, including cities, airports, beaches, forests, and more. Each sound is meticulously crafted to provide the most realistic audio experience possible.

Easily manage your audio settings through our intuitive in-sim menu. Use master controls for broad adjustments or fine-tune each specific sound type to suit your preferences. This level of customization ensures that your audio environment is exactly how you want it, enhancing your overall flight simulation experience.

With sounds placed in thousands of locations worldwide, your flights will be more immersive than ever. Enjoy free updates that bring new sounds from third-party developers and the passionate flight simulation community, ensuring your sound library is always expanding.

Transform your Microsoft Flight Simulator with EcoSoundScapes and experience a new level of immersion. Whether flying over bustling cities or quiet forests, our sound pack makes every flight a unique and captivating adventure.

Expand For Yourself

You can create your own sound effect packages with our tools and then share them with the community on Third-party airport developers also have these tools to integrate with their own creations.

Alternatively, you can grow your library by simply downloading user-created packages and install them with your simulator.

Read how to in our manual.

  • Adds new environmental sounds to Microsoft flight simulator
  • Hundreds of sounds
  • Uses the WWise audio engine for immersive results
  • Jungles, cities, airports, beaches, forest and more updated
  • Control via the in-sim menu with master controls or granular controls for each sound type
  • Have effects play anywhere in the world thanks to the in-sim panel
  • Full volume and master switch controls
  • Placed in thousands of locations of the world
  • Fresh free updates with new uploads from third-party developers and community

Sound Effects Added to:

  • Agricultural Areas
  • Airports (Small, Medium and Large)
  • Arctic & Antarctic
  • Beaches
  • Cities (Various sizes)
  • Deserts
  • Farms
  • Forests
  • Mountains
  • Rivers and Lakes
  • Small Towns
  • Tropical Islands
  • Tropical Rainforests
Full list of pre-defined locations here.
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EcoSoundScapes for MSFS Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Mohammad Almekaimi

wow wow wow It just needs an update

Bastian Hundt
Works as advertised, real world effect slightly limited

I bought EcoSoundScapes with the intention of filling the sim with audio ambiance. EcoSoundScapes adds very nice and convincing effects which really bring the simulated world to live. Unfortunately the effect is rather localized to the ground which means in most typical flights with airplanes you will only encounter the effects on the airports (helicopters may be another story). You can watch my first impressions video about EcoSoundScapes on my YouTube channel here:

All in all a nice mod. YouTube video placeholder
Frank Leisten
Not bad

Need to make screen larger in VR and crank up the sound please.

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