Important: Landing Challenge Pro – Fix Inbound

Following from a very busy week of trying to resolve issues with Landing Challenge Pro, we are pleased to confirm that a new update will be released next week. This will make Landing Challenge Pro compatible with Sim Update V.

The update is now completed and we are now in the process of doing the final testing. We are also aware that Microsoft will be releasing a new hotfix either Friday or Monday, so we are going to hold off releasing the update and testing it with the new hotfix. So expect Landing Challenge Pro to be updated for you after the hotfix has been released.

We want to thank all of our customers for their patience during this time. We can appreciate the frustrations this has caused. Like other developers, we were caught unaware that the update would break our product.

Again, a fix will be released some time next week once we know it’s compatible with the upcoming hotfix for Sim Update V.

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