ANNOUNCEMENT: Cabin Announcement Pro

A feature craved by the flight simulation community has been more interaction between the virtual pilot and cabin crew in the simulator. We’re excited to announce we are bridging that gap with Cabin Announcement Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator [2020] and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024.

Our initial reveal trailer highlights just some of the features coming to the product on both PC and Xbox. Cabin Announcement Pro will take a bank of thousands of voice clips and bring them together for an organic experience. From your initial set-up to arriving at your destination, you can experience multiple voice sets throughout your journey. Ground crew will give you fuel and dispatch reports, whilst cabin crew will be there to offer coffee and perform their safety duties.

Each voice set comes with multiple variations, all randomly generated to help give you a sense of immersion for each flight. Furthermore, expect many regionalised accents, depending on the airline you’re flying at the time.

We will be including normal SOP procedures along with some emergency scenarios. You will need to react accordingly to trigger the right response from your onboard crew.

Your skies will no longer be lonely thanks to Cabin Announcement Pro, coming later this year for all users on all versions of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Release Date: 2024

Price: TBA


  • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator [2020]

Consoles: PC, Xbox, and XCloud

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