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A Guide to Flight Simulator v1.20 Released – G1000 Training, Key Combinations and Airport Navigation

“WOW! What a beautiful well-designed book for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. This book is exactly what I need to get familiar with the new MSFS 2020”

Gil D, SimShack

Good news for Gil and all of our customers as we have just released version 1.20 of the guide free of charge for all customers.

When we first released the guide back on August 18th 2020, we gave our word that we would release free updates to the guide to continue your learning experience beyond what we had originally included. We continue delivering today with our next update, version 1.20, which includes a full tutorial on how to use the G1000, easily navigate around airports and also a complete list of all key combinations for those using a keyboard.

This update has added an additional 20 pages of stunning content, bringing the total page count to 170 pages in total. This is the most expansive and detailed guide available for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

How to Get the Update

To get version 1.20, you will need to redownload it from your original point of purchase. If you ordered it from SoFly’s store, then you will need to login to your account and click on the download button for the new guide.

However, if you downloaded the guide from another store (e.g. simMarket), then you will need to login to that account and redownload it.

As a reminder, this update is free of charge for all customers.

Please note that all stores have now received the files, but it may take a few hours to get them uploaded. You should be notified when your store has a new download waiting.

Here’s a more detailed look at what this update brings.

G1000 Tutorial

We spent a lot of time looking at the included G1000 in Microsoft Flight Simulator and have put together an extensive overview of the included systems. We cover everything from the numerous display options available, the autopilot systems and a full training flight to help you get to grips with the software.

Airport Navigation

Not sure what the taxiway signage means or how to get from the gate to the runway? We have put together some tips to help support you with just that.

Key Combinations

We’ve heard your feedback and have included a comprehensive key combinations guide to help you spend more time flying than looking at the control menu. You can print this out and keep it as a quick reference.

Note: We will be updating our key combinations with visual references and also for some common controllers in upcoming free updates.


V1.20 | Release Date: 09SEP2020

NEW – G1000 Tutorial
NEW – Airport Manoeuvring
NEW – Primary Key Controls
FIX – Corrected airport elevation for Sydney International Airport (YSSY)


More Places to Buy

Our guide is now in more places then ever to pick up! Starting right now, you can buy A Guide to Flight Simulator directly on Aerosoft’s store. In addition, we are also ready to download on Google Play and Google Play Books. You will get automatic updates direct to your mobile device.

This means you can buy the guide from

Want to see us on iOS and the Apple Store? Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

Buy from Aerosoft

Buy from Google Play

Buy from SoFly

Buy from simMarket

Buy from FlighSim.com

Buy from SimShack

What’s Next?

We have another update coming soon which will give you a full tutorial lesson with the TBM.

As always, thank you for your ongoing support.

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