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SoFly in 2023: What to Expect

2023 has already begun and it has been a busy year already for the team at SoFly. If you’re reading this on our website, you will have noticed we have made things look better, run faster and it’s now easier than ever to buy something from our store.

Last year was a great success for us as a company and helped us propel many projects forward at a nice pace. We finally entered Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Marketplace, brought hurricanes to the simulator, released our first airport (in conjunction with WTFlightSim) and started our newest series of products, ‘Global Landings’. We also updated Weather Preset Pro, Landing Challenge Pro, and our Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition.

As we move forward into 2023, we wanted to provide some insight as to what you can expect from SoFly this year. We have many projects at various stages of development.

Simplifying Purchasing from SoFly

At the start of this year, we formally simplified how customers can purchase SoFly products moving forward. Instead of spreading ourselves thin across many different vendors, we decided to instead focus on supporting just three stores: our own store, the in-sim Marketplace and Orbx.

We chose to exclusively sell via only Orbx, the in-sim Marketplace, and our own store because our goals and visions are all aligned. This helps create a much more focused approach for us to support customers. We also appreciate working with Orbx as they provide the best support to us for bringing products out quickly and swiftly to the whole community. Orbx Central is also key as it allows simple installation of any of our products.

So from now on, you will only find out products here on the SoFly website, the in-sim Marketplace and OrbxDirect.

What If I Bought Something from Another Store?

If you bought from any of our previous vendors (Aerosoft,,, SimShack, Contrail, iniBuilds), then you can apply for a license transfer. The process is simple and requires just a few minutes for you to submit the form. Some of our supplies will continue to host updates so be sure to check your original point of purchase for more info.

Product Updates

A Guide to Flight Simulator

Our best-selling guide is due for an update. We appreciate that we are running quite behind on updates. The reason for this is simply time; many things have happened for us at SoFly, but we have found our feet again to provide updates for the guide. We’ll have a more detailed post on how the updates will be for the rest of 2023. Fret not, if you purchased a Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition, you will get updates through the rest of the year.

Mataveri Airport (SCIP)

We have contracted a new developer to help us fix some of the elevation issues, along with some performance issues. This update is being worked on right now and will release just as soon as it is ready.


We have a brand new update coming out very soon for STORM. The update will include a new type of weather preset for you to challenge yourself with.

Weather Preset Pro

No updates planned at this time.

Landing Challenge Pro

We have a few minor bug fixes coming soon for Landing Challenge Pro.

New Products in 2023

Partner Products

We have started a new collaboration with Aerosoft to begin showcasing a number of products through the SoFly store. You will be redirected to the Aerosoft store to complete your purchase, but expect a number of products to appear very soon on our store front.

Global Landings

Last year we launched a new product called Global Landings. This new expansion pack adds 80 new missions to Microsoft Flight Simulator to test your piloting skills in various aircraft in almost limitless weather conditions. So far, our Global Landing packs have covered North America and Europe.

We are due to launch Global Landings: Australia & New Zealand on 31st January 2023. This will launch exclusively on the SoFly Store and Orbx with a release on the in-sim Marketplace in a few weeks time.

When you buy any of our Global Landing packs, you can save £1 per pack, PLUS an additional 10% on each product purchased in a single transaction.

After Global Landings: Australia & New Zealand, we will be releasing South America. The package after that, however, will be a little bit different, really testing your piloting abilities.

Unannounced Utility Products

We have a few utility products in the pipeline for 2023. We’ll be sharing more details on those in due course.

Guides and Support

A new guide is in development for Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 12. We will share more details in the future.

In addition, we are working on something else that will provide support to flight simmers.

New Website and Discounts

We started 2023 with a brand new website for the community. This site will be developed to ensure our products get the attention they deserve. The new design is clean and much more modern. Some old brand elements may still be around, but we’re working to clean up.

SoFly Discount

We love a good deal, so why wouldn’t you, our customers. That’s why we have added loads of ways for you to save a bit of money when you buy DIRECT from SoFly.

For each additional product you purchase in a single transaction, you get an additional 10% off each time. No coupon is required. We also have also allowed you to add A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition, Weather Preset Pro and Landing Challenge Pro as a bundle. You can select whichever combo you would like in order to save money.

We’ll be creating a specific page for all the deals we have live so you won’t have to guess what they are.


If you have any feedback, do reach out and let us know!

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