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A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition

Weather Preset Pro

Landing Challenge Pro

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Over 400-pages in the guide, 60 weather presets and 40 landing challenges means that this is the ultimate bundle for anyone starting with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Customer Reviews

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Fernando Boccolini Filho
Very useful

The Guide to MSFS 2020 has been very useful. The text is clear and up to the point. A lot of difficulties have been solved by the use of the guide.

François Brodahl

It is impossible to print

Jim Wheatley
A Guide to Flight Simulator

A brilliant starter tutorial for MSFS

William Boyeson

I can't review because I don't yet have the book!

Frank T
A New Computer For A New Simulator

I found this SoFly guide very helpful.
I have 2 dedicated flight sim rigs.
I still have a Win 7 rig (vintage 2013) running FSX and addons just fine. It was a state of the art build back in 2013, but I've got an even older FSX install on a second rig that's slowly dying so it's time for a new replacement and a new simulator and some new planes.

As a GA flyer MSFS looks like it will be a fun ride. I expect all the new tech and changes is going to be steep learning curve for me. I'm hoping a few of my favorite plane and other addon devs will join the fray at some point.

Between this guide and the Asobo videos on u-tube I'm sold on MSFS. The new computer will be built next month for me with all the latest bells and whistles and I'll be going to a 32" 4K screen where my 2013 Win 7 rig drives a 40" 1080 monitor. All my flight hardware peripherals are already in place for this new rig to re-use so it should be a simple matter to get up and running quickly.

While I wish MSFS had a printable manual like its predecessors, I'm glad SoFly has stepped in to fill that shortcoming. (I'm old school and like to have paper manuals.) Looking forward to the Extended Edition.

JOHN atkinson

Great resource but for me I would have paid a little more for a printed copy

Derek McBride
Too large to be home printed for references.

Long awaited and very useful, BUT, too large for easy and swift access to detail.

I would rather pay more for a hard booklet/manual, preferably loose leaves so that it can be updated. easily.

The language of MSFS is not as familiar to former users of previous MS Simulators which makes navigation of the pdf version laborious.

Most of your reviewers have very pertinent observations and they could all be assimilated in a loose leaved booklet and your income increased by niche additions by your captive list of purchasers who want to catch up with the bits you do not cover in any depth. It would be just like an aircraft builders maintenance folder and made for updates and fresh observations. You could ask for volunteers to submit their expertise in certain areas and, if appropriate pay a reward for chosen work, especially if it was submitted by professionals.

In this way, the builders of the software could absorb and develop their own product in an ordered way. Dedicated magazines like, " PC Pilot", might increase your marketing targets by opining on relevant improvements to your expanding data. Just as these magazines showcase new aircraft in the FS world, so might your manual, but in a sub-folder for specialist products on hardware or scenery, airports or navigation and comms.

My point really is that you have an excellent product with which to start and the model can then commence to be multifaceted with many income options which vary from straight purchase to serial. annual commitments. A lot more could be charged for de-luxe presentations, for example.

Keep this confidential. !!!
Don't tell MS, less they see it as a moneymaker!!!!!!!

Robin Squires
Not bad

Beautiful manual. Some of the stuff at the beginning is unneeded fluff, was hoping for a little more explaining some of the things like flight plan, iFR, and so. Still, great purchase.

Jeffery Gooding
Best resource I have found

Screen shots are great references to the actual game. I have purchased other references that spend more time on rudimentary flying skills vs helping with use of the control and use of the game. Looking forward to any updates to the manual. Would like more information on bringing in real time traffic. Selected “Live traffic” multiple times but can’t see anything matching the ADSB exchange. Great manual overall. Well worth the money.

Graham Lee
MSFS 2020 SoFly Manual

Being a reasonable competent FSX SE flyer and looking for a new challenge I invested in MSFS 2020 and was immediately overwhelmed by how different it was. I shopped round for a manual and choose the SoFly digital download version which has turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. It is well laid out, not over complicated and full of useful information for all MSFS 2020 flyers.

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