Landing Challenge Pro Updated to Version 1.3.0

We are pleased to release a brand-new version of Landing Challenge Pro. This new version (v.1.3.0) is a complete rebuild of the original product that addresses all known issues. Issues such as not being able to restart a challenge or landing challenges with no fuel are now fixed. We appreciate that the release of Landing […]

Landing Challenge Pro v1.2.5 Now Available

We have just released a new update for Landing Challenge Pro. The new update fixes a few bugs with challenges ‘Soar Over the Palm’ and ‘Rangers Creek’, along with a few other minor issues. We have also added new reward screens at the end of each mission. You can get version 1.2.5 of Landing Challenge […]

Landing Challenge Pro Version 1.2.0 Now Available

As all owners of Landing Challenge Pro will know by now, the first free update was released a few weeks ago. We are pleased to announce yet another free update to the product. Version 1.2.0 gives access to a further 5 landing challenges that will test your skill and bottle as a pilot. Try your […]

Landing Challenge Pro Version 1.10 Now Available

We are pleased to release a brand new version to our popular Landing Challenge Pro. Version 1.10 introduces 6 all-new landing challenges to test your piloting ability and skills. Take on LaGuardia’s difficult Expressway Visual approach or soar over Mount Vesuvius in Naples. You will also be able to discover Tioman Island at dusk, and […]

Landing Challenge Pro Now Available on Contrail

We’re pleased to announce that Landing Challenge Pro is now available through Contrail. Contrail is an all-new web store that focuses on being easy and simple to use for owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator. SoFly joins the likes of Flightbeam, Aerosoft, Sim-Wings and LatinVFR on the Contrail App. The application enables you to effortlessly install […]

Try Landing Challenge Pro For Free With Our Demo

Last month, we released Landing Challenge Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The response so far has been amazing from the community and we’re pleased so many of you are putting your skills to the test. We know that many of you may have seen Landing Challenge Pro and want to learn even more about what […]

Landing Challenge Pro Released for Microsoft Flight Simulator

We’re delighted to announce that Landing Challenge Pro for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available. You can buy Landing Challenge Pro through the SoFly Store or through OrbxDirect. Realise your true skill in your piloting abilities with Landing Challenge Pro as you take on nearly 30 unique landing challenges throughout the world. Discover thrilling new […]