World Enhancement Bundle


World Enhancement Bundle


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World Enhancement Bundle

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Our World Enhancement Bundle is great for those wanting to add even more realism to flight simulator. Realism within flight simulation is an important factor for anyone, which is why we have developed a number of world enhancement tools that change things on a global level. From enhancing sound effects to improving aircraft lighting.


Animals / Dinosaurs adds thousands of animals to your simulator. Find sharks, crocodiles, kangaroos, geese, and many more populating your sim.

Aircraft Lighting Pro enhances your aircraft’s lighting to all-new levels. Goodbye boring dull lights, and hello realistic strobes, beacons and more.

EcoSoundScapes changes the sound landscape for your entire simulator. Hear the sounds of beaches, bustling cities and busy airports with clarity.

  • Aircraft Lighting Pro
    • Immersive lighting sets that enhances realism
    • Custom texture and effect sets redefining aircraft lighting
    • Impacts all default Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft
    • Changes navigation, beacon, strobe, taxi and take-off/landing lights
    • Single package installation for convenience
    • Super performance friendly
    • Free updates planned to include more aircraft
  • Animals
    • Nearly 13,000 independently placed animals across the entire world
    • Find animals across the world in accurate geographical locations
    • 20 different animal types that cover different types of species from the animal kingdom
    • High quality 3D modelling, with a number of animations for each creature giving them lifelike realism
    • Every animal has their own sequence giving them a sense of their own free will for a fun viewing experience
    • Top quality audio effects, played randomly for each animal giving a sense of life in your simulator
    • 5 new missions that give you the opportunity to find and spot animals and learn about them in rich detail
    • Authentic voice overs giving you educational information about each animal included with our pack
    • Works with Parallel 42 ‘Scenes’ to enhance those airfields (42HV, 42HB, 42MG, 42MX, 42BC, 42ST)
    • Free updates planned to add new animals and locations over time
  • Dinosaurs
    • Jurassic Track (ICAO: PHJP) – Race around a dino-themed rally course full of dinosaurs, camping objects and other themed goodies. Beware of the T-Rex on the loose!
    • Global Dinosaurs – Thousands of dinosaurs are scattered around the world in locations they would be found in prehistoric times.
    • Custom Sounds Effects – Listen to the terrifying roars and screams of these ginormous creatures
    • Soar, Swim or Drive with Big Lizards – There is a mix of ground, air and water-based dinosaurs around the world, giving you the chance to mix up your simulation experience.
    • Fun, Fun, Fun – Nothing else will beat the first time you fly side-by-side with a Pterodactyl.
  • EcoSoundScapes
    • Adds new environmental sounds to Microsoft flight simulator
    • Hundreds of sounds
    • Jungles, cities, airports, beaches, forest and more updated
    • Control via the in-sim menu with master controls or granular controls for each sound type
    • Placed in thousands of locations of the world
    • Fresh free updates with new uploads from third-party developers and community
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