Weather Enhancement Bundle


Weather Enhancement Bundle


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Weather Enhancement Bundle

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A flight sim is nothing without good-looking and functional weather. With our products, we take the default weather and provide you with breathtaking and realistic enhancements.


Weather Preset Pro is by far our most popular add-on, going beyond the built-in presets enabling you to create zero-visibility conditions, sandstorms, and more.

STORM will give any pilot a challenge by injecting historical hurricanes and tropical storms around the world. A variety of missions and free-flight hurricanes will see you becoming a storm chaser.

  • Weather Preset Pro
    • 100 presets covering a range of exciting weather types
    • Custom-made presets that go beyond the built-in system
    • Create exciting scenes directly in the simulator without the need for an additional UI
    • A 20-page manual covering all variations and an introduction to METARs
    • 110 all-new Weather Presets that inject static historical and fictional storms into your simulator, broken down into:
    • 4 thrilling Action Missions taking you into the eye of the storm:
    • 10 realistic Educational Flight Missions that take you over the eye of the storm:
    • 10 Landing Challenges that will see you land in some of the toughest conditions yet:
    • 2 Discovery Flights to admire these storms from afar:
    • Interactive Manual through a built-in Discovery Flight:
    • Detailed PDF user-guide to help find hurricanes, storms and other weather effects in the world. Read online.
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