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Thank you for choosing to expand your simulation experience with Landing Challenge Pro. We are incredibly proud to provide simmers with new challenges within Microsoft Flight Simulator.

At SoFly, our goal is to help educate, inspire and provide simmers with new ways to interact with their simulator. Landing Challenge Pro was built specifically with those goals in mind. Across our huge varied range of challenges, you will cover all parts of the world with approaches that real-world pilots find particularly tough, scary and exciting. 

We have included various missions that involve engine failures, hurricane conditions and even sandstorms. This means you will have challenges that go beyond anything seen in the default simulator.

We hope you enjoy Landing Challenge Pro.

For the first time, we have included an online manual to easily help anyone get to grips with the new product. If you’d prefer the PDF, you can download it clicking below.

Need Help or Support?
We know that sometimes you just need a bit of help. If something isn’t quite right or you need a bit of guidance, contact our customer support team and we’ll work to support you as best as we can.

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SoFly, Aerosoft, simMarket, SimShack or FlightSim Customers

Installation of Landing Challenge Pro is done through our custom installer.

Run the application (exe) as an Administrator to ensure you don’t come across any errors.

After the application file has run, you will have to navigate through various screens. Simply follow the instructions, agree to the EULA and then press ‘install’ next to Microsoft Flight Simulator. You may have different options depending on which store you purchased the simulator from.

If you are having trouble with installation, please reach out to our support team where someone will be more than happy to assist.

Orbx Customers

If you have purchased Landing Challenge Pro through Orbx, you will be able to install through the convenience of Orbx Central. From the product page in Orbx Central, click on the blue ‘Install’ button to begin the quick process. This will take just a few moments and you will be notified upon successful installation.

To find out more about Orbx Central and how to install products through their user interface, please read the official Orbx Central manual.

Should you have any issues with installation, please reach out to our support team.

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Selecting a Challenge

Once installed, all of the challenges from Landing Challenge Pro will be accessible through Microsoft Flight Simulator’s main menu.

Go to the ‘Activities’ menu from the main menu and then select ‘Landing Challenges’. Within this sub-menu, you will have three options: ‘Famous’, ‘Epic’, and ‘Strong Wind’. You will find all of our landing challenges throughout each of the options.

Table of Contents

Understanding Difficulty Levels

Each landing challenge is designated a difficulty level. You can play through any challenge at any time and you don’t have to use them in order.

Whilst they may be listed as easy, each of these challenges can present a challenge of their own. That said, ‘Easy’ challenges are more scenic and slower-paced.

Test yourself with our ‘Tough’ challenges. They certainly pose a test to your ability, but also provide you with a lot of fun.

Designed for the pro simmers among you. These challenges combine bad weather, tough approaches and possibly even equipment failures. Good luck!

Landing Feedback

Upon a successful landing, you will be given automatic feedback on how well you did. This feedback is measured in a landing score and assesses your precision upon touchdown.

Landing Challenge

Once you have landed successfully, you will receive a score highlighting how well you did.

Score Board

After you have come to a full and complete stop (on the runway), you will be presented with a detailed breakdown of how well you did. You are scored on the following:

  • Landing Precision
  • Ground Roll
  • Landing Smoothness


These three criteria will then be calculated to give you your final score.

The leaderboard will not function as it is locked to Microsoft / Asobo landing challenges only.

If this limitation is removed, Landing Challenge Pro may be updated to include a leaderboard.

Compete with Friends

With your landing challenge complete, why not take a screenshot of the scoreboard and share it with friends. That way, you can compare scores and see who the best pilot is between you.

Don’t forget, share your scores online with the hashtag #landingchallengepro so others can see how well you do.

Table of Contents

Landing Challenges

Landing Challenge Pro includes a series of different challenges ready to test your piloting skills. 

Our unique online guide will help you with those challenges.

All Landing Challenges

Soaring into Queenstown

Aircraft: Citation CJ4   |   Difficulty: Easy

Info and Tips

Soar over areas of natural beauty as you approach Queenstown. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for the runway and watch out for some slight gusts as you approach.

Challenge Tip:

Watch out for some high terrain as you continue your approach into the airport.

Following the river will lead you to the airport, but remember you will need to make a last minute turn about 1nm from the runway. Make sure you’re fully configured at this point so you can focus on flying.

Celebrity into Bora Bora

Aircraft: Citation CJ4   |   Difficulty: Easy

Info and Tips

A famous celebrity is onboard your private jet heading for the stunning Bora Bora. This is your first trip to the island and you want to take in the scenery all around you. Navigate the island visually before touching down to allow your VIP to get to their luxury hotel on time.

Challenge Tip:

You will need to slow down quickly to ensure you can make the sharp turns. That said, enjoy the views!

Take your time and fly downwind for as long as you need to. Enjoy the sights as you slow down as the turn is somewhat tight. Once you have slowed down, you will be able to lower your landing gear and the flaps to slow down to make the turn.

Winter at Innsbruck

Aircraft: Airbus A320   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

Innsbruck is known for its glorious ski resorts and challening slopes. However, for a pilot, it offers an incredibly challenging experience. Pilot your A320 through the terrain, clouds and wintery weather to safely land at Innsbruck. Careful as your plane is full of skiers and you are rather heavy.

Challenge Tip:

You should be fully configured when you are downwind to make sure you can be slow enough to land smoothly.

Use the visual landmarks of the town below to help guide you to the runway. Look out for the church in particular as this is something you will need to overfly to get yourself lined up correctly.

Saba at Night

Aircraft: Cessna Grand Caravan   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

This already difficult approach just got even tougher! Saba has one of the shortest runways in the world but can you land at night with even less visibility. Land this one successfully and have the ultimate bragging rights.

Challenge Tip:

Keep your eyes out for the landing lights. Don’t forget to brake as soon as you land!

Your aircraft is equipped with reverse thrust, so be sure to apply that as soon as you land as well to help you slower even faster.

Aloha Honolulu

Aircraft: DA40   |   Difficulty: Easy

Info and Tips

Welcome to Hawaii. This scenic approach into the main international airport will take you across some stunning landmarks and natural beauty. Take your time and explore before lining up and landing at this tropical paradise. Aloha!

Challenge Tip:

You may need to climb higher to avoid some of the terrain. To complete the challenge, you will need to land on runway 08L.

Beach Blast at Saint Martin

Aircraft: Boeing 747-8   |   Difficulty: Tough

Info and Tips

Famous for its location on Maho Beach, Princess Juliana Airport often sees large jets fly overhead tourists on the beach. You’ll fly as low as 50ft over the beach as your touchdown into the Caribbean airport.

Challenge Tip:

You will cross over Maho Beach at a low altitude, but remember to not be too low or else there could be trouble.

Greek Getaway

Aircraft: A320   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

The runway sits right next to a popular and busy tourist spotting area making Skiathos a strong contender for one of the more challenging airports in Europe. Can you land on the sunny island with a full passenger load looking to escape to paradise.

Challenge Tip:

Take your time and fly downwind by at least 7nm to ensure you have plenty of time to slow down for your final approach.

Soaring over the Palm

Aircraft: Cessna CJ4   |   Difficulty: Easy

Info and Tips

The famous Palm Islands in Dubai is iconic to the global metropolis. As you bring your VIP into Dubai Airport, take your time to show them the sights from their private jet. The clear weather means you will have an unbelievable experience.

Challenge Tip:

Enjoy the scenic views of Dubai and don’t worry so much about preparing to land until you’re a bit close to the airport.

Approaching Bhutan

Aircraft: A320   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

This challenge will place you further and higher than the default approach, meaning you can really test your skills at this challenging airport. Take on the full approach, lower the gear and flaps on time and be prepared to avoid nearby terrain and gusty conditions.

Challenge Tip:

Deploy your speedbrakes and lower the gear when you can to slow down as quick as possible. Don’t overspeed the aircraft, however!

Visual Into Samos

Aircraft: A320   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

Samos has a stunning visual approach over the coast and island, but timing is everything. As you approach the SAM VOR, you will need to keep a close eye on your descent as you make sharp and tight turns to correctly line yourself up on the runway.

Challenge Tip:

Keep your eyes peeled for the white building on the ground. This will act as your visual aid to line up for the runway.

Icy Iceland

Aircraft: Cessna Grand Caravan   |   Difficulty: Tough

Info and Tips

After a long day of taking explorers on tours of the island, you are on the way home, but the weather has taken a turn for the worse. Safely land with strong winds against you for the ultimate sense of satisfaction.

Challenge Tip:

The cold weather means you will need to turn on your anti-ice or else you won’t see your airspeed.

Swedish Approach

Aircraft: DA62   |   Difficulty: Tough

Info and Tips

The Swedish capital awaits you! However, strong winds in the dual-prop means you are in for a bumpy ride. Tackle the gusty conditions as do your best to land at Stockholm before you lose day light.

Challenge Tip:

Ensure you use your rudder to keep your nose center to the runway during the gusty crosswind.

Ranger Creek Approach

Aircraft: Cub   |   Difficulty: Easy

Info and Tips

Soar along the river and through the valley until you find Ranger Creek Airport amongst the trees. Take care to not let your wheels hit the branches as you land at this cute little airport.

Challenge Tip:

Careful to avoid the trees below. Follow the river to find the airport easier.

Business in the Capital

Aircraft: Cessna CJ4   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

London is known for its fast-paced business deals and your client onboard is keen to get into the city as fast as possible. Your client’s job is on the line, but the steep approach and poor weather may force you to go elsewhere. Safely land at London City whilst following the steep glideslope and get your client to the meeting on time.

Challenge Tip:

The glide slope is steeper than usual ILS approaches, so you’ll need to manage your speed carefully and avoid any obstacles.

The Windy City Approach

Aircraft: DA62   |   Difficulty: Easy

Info and Tips

Known as the Windy City, Chicago offers an exciting challenge for pilots due to windy and gusty conditions. Bring your passengers into land safely at the airport whilst battling the turbulence and wind on the approach.

Challenge Tip:

The crosswind will send your plane side to side, so be sure to use rudder to keep it under control.

Mountainous Challenging Approach

Aircraft: Beechcraft G36   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

We love a mountainous approach thanks to how the mist settles between the terrain making for some stunning views. Take the opportunity to soar into Aosta in this epic approach through the natural surroundings.

Challenge Tip:

You will have to rely on your map and instruments as you head through the thick fog and clouds.

Sunset Party in Ibiza

Aircraft: Cessna CJ4   |   Difficulty: Easy

Info and Tips

You’re carrying a famous DJ who is ready to take the party scene in Ibiza to the next level. Bring your VIP safely into Ibiza whilst taking in the glorious sunset as the party vibe lights up the towns below.

Challenge Tip:

Use the PAPI lights to help guide you to the runway’s touchdown zone.

Touring the Party Island

Aircraft: TBM930   |   Difficulty: Easy

Info and Tips

Before you land at the party island, basque in the delights that Ibiza has to offer. Soar over the party town and various nightclubs before you land at the airport.

Challenge Tip:

You can choose to head straight to the runway, or take the scenic route. Just nail that landing.

Beach Landing in Barra

Aircraft: TBM930   |   Difficulty: Tough

Info and Tips

Located in Scotland, Barra Airport is unique in that you will be landing directly onto a beach. The weather isn’t exactly pleasant for this mid-afternoon landing, so be sure to watch the tide so you don’t get yourself stuck in the water or sand.

Challenge Tip:

You will need to apply full brakes as soon as you touchdown to ensure you stop on the beach.

Approaching Lukla

Aircraft: DA62   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

Located in Scotland, Barra Airport is unique in that you will be landing directly onto a beach. The weather isn’t exactly pleasant for this mid-afternoon landing, so be sure to watch the tide so you don’t get yourself stuck in the water or sand.

Challenge Tip:

You will need to apply full brakes as soon as you touchdown to ensure you stop on the beach.

Climb to Land

Aircraft: Cessna Grand Caravan   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

In this unique challenge, you will have to climb up above the valley to find the iconic Matekane Air Strip. This challenge will have you climbing to be able to land.

Challenge Tip:

Keep an eye out for the rock formation to help you know when you need to climb to find the runway.

Antarctic Discovery

Aircraft: Cessna Grand Caravan   |   Difficulty: Tough

Info and Tips

Serving as the United States research base in the Antarctic, McCurdo Station is an all-ice runway that comes with its own challenge. Brave the ice and wind and bring your research team safely to the ground.

Challenge Tip:

With no markings to help you, you’ll need to rely on a visual approach completely to successfully complete the challenge.

High Altitude Landing at Uyuni
Aircraft: Boeing 747-8   |   Difficulty: Pro
Info and Tips

Landing at a high altitude means you have to be super careful with your speeds as you will require a higher amount of thrust to keep yourself in the air. A successful landing will require skill and careful planning to avoid disaster.

Challenge Tip:

Your aircraft is heavy, which means that you’ll have a high thrust rate during this approach. Careful to not overspeed on the approach.

The Golden Keys

Aircraft: Cessna 172 Skyhawk   |   Difficulty: Easy

Info and Tips

As the sun falls on the Florida Keys, take the Cessna 172 Skyhawk for a spin around the sun-drenched area before touching down at busy Key West Airport.

Challenge Tip:

Your downwind leg should be at least 3nm before turning onto base to give you plenty of time to slow down.

Hurricane in the Keys

Aircraft: A320   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

For all of the beauty in the Florida Keys, the region also encounters its fair share of hurricanes. Experience one of the hardest approaches as one of the last planes to land before the hurricane makes landfall in just a few hours.

Challenge Tip:

You will need to use your navigation equipment to help you find the airport. Be aware of the gusts, storms and rain throughout.

Engine Troubles

Aircraft: Cessna 172 Skyhawk   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

After a sucessful private pilot flight, you start to have some engine troubles. You’re still several miles away from the airport with only a bit of power behind you. Can you land safely at Manchester Barton airport?

Challenge Tip:

You will need to trim your aircraft accurately to make it to the runway. It’s hard, but it is possible.

Sandstorm in Dubai

Aircraft: Boeing 747-8   |   Difficulty: Tough

Info and Tips

A sandstorm has hit Dubai and its your job to pilot the Queen of the Skies safely to the ground. Watch the sky turn a deep orange as the sand hits your plane. The sand will hit with some force and may cause you to lose some control.

Challenge Tip:

Your instruments will help guide you to the airport. Good luck navigating the sandstorm.

Weave Round Milford Sound

Aircraft: TBM930   |   Difficulty: Tough

Info and Tips

Located in New Zealand’s Fiordland region of the South Island, this busy and scenic airport has a hidden secret: a truly tough approach through the mountains. You’ll have to make some sweeping turns as you head towards Milford Sound Airport.

Challenge Tip:

You will need to be close to your landing speed throughout this flight to make the turns around the terrain possible.

Engine Trouble at the Gold Coast

Aircraft: A320   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

After a long day of taking passengers across Australia, you’re heading back to Gold Coast Airport. Your engines have been making a few strange sounds today, so perhaps something is wrong. Keep a close eye on your final approach to the airport.

Challenge Tip:

If the worst happens, use your rudder to keep you central.

LaGuardia Expressway Visual

Aircraft: A320   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

The Big Apple has some of the busiest air space in the world and the high-rise buildings often make approaching the city a challenge. LaGuardia Airport, in particular, has a challenging approach right over Flushing Bay.

Challenge Tip:

Configure yourself as early as possible and slow down so you can make the sweeping turns with plenty of time.

See Mount Vesuvius

Aircraft: A320   |   Difficulty: Tough

Info and Tips

Whilst Mount Vesuvius has been dormant for many years, it still offers a stunning approach to the Italian city. This popular route for many European airlines is the latest approach for you to take on.

Challenge Tip:

Don’t be too distracted by the views and watch out for the high terrain of Mount Vesuvius.

Discover Tioman

Aircraft: TBM 900   |   Difficulty: Tough

Info and Tips

Tioman Island lies off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia and is known for its dive sites, nature reserves and shipwrecks. Test your piloting ability with this beach-side airport.

Challenge Tip:

Be sure to approach from the correct direction or you risk flying into the terrain.

Airport in the Brazilian City

Aircraft: 747-8i   |   Difficulty: Tough

Info and Tips

This airport is situated in the heart of Sao Paulo, but being surrounded by numerous high-rise buildings and having a short runway provides pilots with a huge challenge. Do your best to avoid the major city below you as you land in this Brazilian city.

Challenge Tip:

Don’t fly too low or else you’ll hit someone’s expensive penthouse suite.

Great Barrier Reef Approach

Aircraft: A320   |   Difficulty: Easy

Info and Tips

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Its popularity has meant the airport continues to grow and bring passengers to the area. Your approach today will take you right over some incredibly scenic views.

Challenge Tip:

Admire the views, but remember to get yourself ready to land with plenty of time.

Another Dangerous Alps Landing

Aircraft: Cessna 172 (G1000)   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

The alps have many challenging approaches and Megeve Airport is yet another one ready to test your skills. Pilot yourself around the treacherous terrain as you land on this sloping runway high up in the mountains.

Challenge Tip:

Watch out for the wind shear created by the nearby mountainous terrain. It can catch you off-guard.

NEW - Land's End Landing

Aircraft: Cessna 172 (G1000)   |   Difficulty: Tough

Info and Tips

At the edge of England, Land’s End Airport is a well-known general aviation field. This is your chance to fly as the student pilots do and land at this cute airport. Watch out as the weather is taking a turn for the worse.

Challenge Tip:

Use your G1000 to help you navigate to the airport if the clouds block your visibility.

NEW - Jet to Catalina Airport

Aircraft: TBM900   |   Difficulty: Easy

Info and Tips

Your mission today is to take a VIP to the stunning Catalina Island. The early morning mist has yet to rise meaning you may have some difficulty seeing the airport through the mist.

Challenge Tip:

The low-cloud coverage will make things a little harder, but your instruments will help.

NEW - Curved Runway Landing

Aircraft: Cessna Grand Caravan   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

Kiwirok Airport has a unique curve in its runway, which poses a challenge for any pilot. Soar atop dense forests and small villages on your approach to the runway with a difference.

Challenge Tip:

As soon as you touch down, hit your brakes to ensure you stop before the curve.

NEW - Hold Down Jackson Hole

Aircraft: A320Neo   |   Difficulty: Tough

Info and Tips

Jackson Hole is a popular regional airport set deep within Wyoming. The nearby terrain can cause the wind to hit your aircraft with a lot of force, even on a calm day. The sun is setting for your final approach, so be mindful of the terrain you may not be able to see.

Challenge Tip:

Use the nearby highway to help guide you to the airport.

NEW - Tropical Storm in Dominican

Aircraft: A320Neo   |   Difficulty: Pro

Info and Tips

Tropical Storm Denis has taken over the Caribbean, and it’s your job to land the plane full of passengers in the Dominican Republic. The wind will hit your aircraft from all directions causing you to have an extreme approach over the tropical forests below. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Challenge Tip:

You will need to use a lot of rudder to help navigate to the airport. Watch out for the nasty gusts.

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Whilst we have made every effort to ensure that Landing Challenge Pro is as easy to use as possible, we are aware that some people may need extra support and help. We are also aware of some limitations and minor bugs that may have an impact on your experience with the product.

Below are some of the issues we are aware of and will be working to fix as soon as possible.

LANDING FAILED - You Did Not Land on the Designated Runway

This message will appear should you not land in the area designated as the runway. Many of the challenges feature a paved runway, meaning it should be clear where to land. However, some runways (e.g. Barra Airport) do not feautre a paved runway and knowing where to land is a bit more challenging.

In instances where there is a lack of paved runway, a blue box with an arrow will indicate the direction of the runway and the touchdown zone. This is what you should aim for.

We have tested all landing challenges and can confirm they are all possible to complete. If you see this message, it means you did not land or come to a complete stop on the runway.

LANDING FAILED - Your touchdown was cancelled

A limitation of the simulator means that sometimes the error message will pop up if the simulator sees the aircraft hit the ground before you start the challenge. This happens after the loading screen before you hit “Fly Now”.

Following the loading screen of the landing challenge, a short sequence will play with the aircraft taking off. As the aircraft is on the ground, the simulator ‘thinks’ you have done the challenge, when you obviously haven’t. This causes the error message to pop up when you then click ‘Fly Now’.

To ensure you don’t see this issue, you should click Fly Now as soon as possible when the challenge loads.

If this doesn’t work, we have two solutions.

Solution #1 – Restart the Flight

You can try restarting the flight from the in-sim menu. This will likely fix the issue.

Solution #2 – Reload the mission from the activities menu

Close the Landing Challenge and head back to the main menu of the simulator. Select the same challenge again.

Aircraft has No Fuel

We have very rare reports where sometimes a challenge is loaded and the aircraft doesn’t have any fuel. Whilst we have worked to identify this bug and resolve it, no solution was found to fix this problem.

That said, there is a workaround for those very rare occasions it does happen.

Solution – Reload the mission from the activities menu

Close the Landing Challenge and head back to the main menu of the simulator. Select the same challenge again.

Report an Issue

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You can submit a bug report or an issue directly to the SoFly team via our support portal. Just hit the link below and send us a detailed description of the issue.

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Credits and EULA

Landing Challenge Pro would not have been possible without the dedication, passion and support by some amazingly talented individuals.


Calum Martin
CEO and Founder of SoFly

Lisa Carpenter
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