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As the simulator continues to change, so will your guide. Regular and free updates mean you will always have the best information to hand.

Extended With Even More Content

  • A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition
  • A Guide to Flight Simulator
A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended EditionA Guide to Flight Simulator
Digital PDF Guide
Downloadable to any device of your choice
Basic Tutorials
Aircraft tutorials
Virtual Reality Set-Up
Learn how to set up your simulator for VR.
Get Max Performance
Understand ways to get better performance and frame rates.
How-To Guides
Navigate menus and options within the simulator
Basic Controls
Set up controls and know what products are compatible
Advanced Tutorials
Additional aircraft tutorials focusing on more advanced knowledge
'Discovery' Series
Find inspiring routes and flights for your simulator.
'Spotlight' Series
Learn about third-party tools and products to enhance your simulator.
Free Regular Updates
Free regular updates provided to increase your knowledge
New Additional Content
Additional content added for free when the simulator gets updated.
Third-Party Aircraft Tutorials
Additional content added for free when the simulator gets updated.
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