STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator Release Date Announcement

STORM will be landing on May 31st 2022 for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We’re delighted to confirm that STORM will release on Tuesday, May 31st 2022. Our most exhilarating, thrilling and dangerous flight simulation product created yet will be made available to all Microsoft Flight Simulator owners on PC at 14:00z on May 31st 2022.

STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator adds historic hurricanes, superstorms and a diverse range of global storm presets that will give you the most thrilling challenge yet.

Take flight anywhere in the world and go in search of these natural disasters. Historic hurricanes are based on real-world data, whilst fictional storms are designed to test your skills in unique conditions.

A huge number of fully voiced action missions are also included with STORM. You will go in search of hurricanes, collect geological data and transport vital equipment all whilst trying to avoid any emergency situations.

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If action missions are too fast paced for you, take a more educational approach with the included airliner routes. Your co-pilot will give you all the information you need to know about the hurricane you’re about to fly over.

In a first for Microsoft Flight Simulator, STORM includes an interactive manual. A full audio tour written by a Geography and Natural Hazards Specialist is also included, this tour will teach you about hurricanes, their formation, and the destruction they cause.

With STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you will be able to find hurricanes in their real-world locations, take on numerous challenges and become the ultimate storm chaser.

Price: £9.99 | €11.99 | $12.95 | $17.95 AUD (excludes VAT)

STORM for Microsoft Flight Simulator will be made available soon in various stores for PC on May 31st 2022. STORM will also be coming to Xbox via the in-sim Marketplace soon afterwards.

In a nutshell

  • A large number of Hurricanes (historical and fictional) are injected into Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Global storm presets that preset a challenge anywhere in the world
  • Fully voiced story-driven missions
  • Educational airliner flights to the eye of the storm; choose between the default A320 or the FBW A32NX
  • All-new discovery flights and authentic audio tour
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator first: interactive manual as you fly in the simulator
  • Tough and thrilling landing challenges
  • Flight plans leading you to the hurricanes are included, or discover them on your own
  • Detailed PDF guide helping you find the hurricanes and storms included

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