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SoFly and IRIS Simulations Partner Up

We’re delighted to announce that we have partnered with IRIS Simulations. The aircraft developer recently released the incredible Jabiru J160/J170 for Microsoft Flight Simulator. As one of the first third-party aircraft developed for the simulator, users get to experience an excellent representation of the aircraft.

IRIS Simulations is known for its excellent customer service and ability to deliver amazing products at a great price. Their J160/J170 is no exception and the aircraft has just been updated to version 1.30 bringing it a range of new features, free adventure packs and also various performance improvements.

The new update also includes some of our weather presets found in Weather Preset Pro. The included weather presets mean you can experience the brand-new bush trips the way IRIS Simulations intended. Simply installing the new update will give you instant access to this new material completely free of charge.

Of course, you can always expand on your included weather presets with Weather Preset Pro and continue flying the J160/J170 in 50 other presets that provides scenic views and challenging approaches.

We’re super thrilled that IRIS Simulations chose SoFly and Weather Preset Pro for their customers and we’re pleased to be able to share with our customers their fantastic J160/J170.

You can buy the IRIS Simulations Jabiru J160/J170 from the IRIS Simulations store, or from OrbxDirect.

You can also buy Weather Preset Pro from SoFly or through OrbxDirect.

IRIS Simulations Jabiru J160/J170 Version 1.3 Changelog

Released: 25 November 2020

  • Bush Trips – Tropical North Bushtrip added.
  • Bush Trips – New weather conditions courtesy of SoFly Weather Preset Pro now included in Gippsland Tour and Tropical North Bush Trips.
  • All aircraft – Performance refinement to flight model completed for more engine power accuracy.
  • All aircraft – Tablet display turns off when stowed, providing approximately 10FPS gain when stowed on some devices.
  • All aircraft – Fixed Z-Bias issue on circuit breaker labels.
  • All aircraft – Cockpit tooltips added.
  • All aircraft – Camera positions updated.
  • All aircraft – Update to J2200 mixture code for improved function.
  • J160-D – AvAngel J160-D added.
  • J160-D – Landing light added to J160-D.
  • J160-D – Lil’ Jo J160-D 24-7089 removed and replaced with new owners livery.
  • J170-C – G-CFSJ livery added.
  • J170-D – SCOOBS Gaming J170-C added.

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