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SoFly A Guide to Flight Simulator – Future Plans

Since the release of A Guide to Flight Simulator back in August, we have received an incredible response from customers, community members, influencers and industry experts. Our guide has helped thousands of you get to grips with the brand new simulator.

Since our August release, we have updated the guide several times always bringing new information, updated content and fixing errors that you have found whilst reading the guide. In fact, the guide has gone from 120 pages to now 232. All of those updates have been free to all of our customers, along with providing timely responses to support questions and queries.

Moving forward, we wanted to share with you some of our plans for what the future holds for A Guide to Flight Simulator.

Future Updates

Whilst the last update was delivered at the end of October, we want to let you know that updates will continue moving forward. Here is our plan:

v1.70 – Early December

  • Focus on World Update II: USA
  • Changes to the Airbus tutorial based on feedback
  • Additional information on some of the new options added from the latest simulator updates

v1.80 – Early January

  • Focus on the new VR options
  • Additional control input information

v1.90 – Late January/Early February

  • Focus on World Update III: UK
  • New tutorial for a new aircraft

We intend on moving to version 2.** after we complete all of the above, but the content has yet to be decided.

Pro Edition

During the development of the current A Guide to Flight Simulator, we have been focused on ensuring that newcomers to the world of flight simulation have the easiest path to entry. We knew that we had to also cater for those who have more experience or are looking to take things to the next level. This is why we have been developing a Pro Edition to our guide as a supplement to the original guide.

The Pro Edition of our guide will feature a lot more in-depth information on elements such as reading charts, reading weather, handling various approaches and also communication to ATC via online networks. The Pro Edition will be just as jam-packed as the current guide and build upon many of the lessons learned from the original guide.

Whilst exact pricing details for the Pro Edition have yet to be decided, we can tell you that current A Guide to Flight Simulator owners will be able to upgrade for a small cost. We will also make the Pro Edition available as a separate product. That said, we are working to ensure that our communication is clear and the process is easy so that nobody pays more than what would be required.

We hope you look forward to a more in-depth, technical and educational guide through our upcoming Pro Edition.

Pricing Changes

Since August, we have sold A Guide to Flight Simulator for £9.99 GBP. We felt at the time, this represented great value for money for the guide. Since then, the cost of the product has remained the same despite free updates that added 50% more content to the product.

After the release of version 1.70, the price of A Guide to Flight Simulator will increase to £11.99 GBP. This price change will take place across all of our re-sellers. We feel this still represents excellent value for money for the quality of the guide and its contents. To confirm, all customers who have purchased the guide before the price increase will continue to get free updates for version 1.** without incurring additional costs.

The price change will only effect new customers.

Our recommendation is to buy the guide whilst it’s on sale for £7.49 during our Holiday Sale.

We have yet to determine whether updates to version 2.** will incur additional upgrade costs, but we’ll be sure to let you know first. We always want to be transparent with our current and future customers.


That wraps everything up for this update. Should you have any questions, do let us know.

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