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MSFS Marketplace Purchasers – Important News [Guide]

A quick note from us at SoFly for those customers who purchased A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition through the in-sim Marketplace!

You will now be pleased to hear that you can finally access the PDF versions of the guide with your Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace purchase.

You will find your PDF copies in the following folder:

[core simulator folder]\Official\OneStore\orbx-pdfmanual\inc\PDF\

Your folder structure may look a little different if you use the Steam edition or saved the simulator in another location.

You will find both the single and spread view of the PDF. You can then copy these files to other locations such as an iPad.

A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition is now on version 1.6.0 through the in-sim Marketplace. This is the most recent version of the guide which was released on March 2nd 2022.

Thank you to all our customers who requested this and we’ll continue to improve the guide based on your feedback.

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