Landing Challenge Pro Updated to Version 1.3.0

We are pleased to release a brand-new version of Landing Challenge Pro.

This new version (v.1.3.0) is a complete rebuild of the original product that addresses all known issues. Issues such as not being able to restart a challenge or landing challenges with no fuel are now fixed.

We appreciate that the release of Landing Challenge Pro was originally riddled with bugs, but we have spent considerable time rebuilding with the latest tools and testing to ensure that each challenge now works without any issues.

This is a FREE update for all customers.

If you purchased through SoFly, you can update now. Third-party vendors will need a few days to update their servers.

With version 1.3.0, we are now in a position to submit Landing Challenge Pro to Microsoft for release on PC and Xbox. Keep your eyes peeled for that release if you’re keen to get your copy on Xbox.

If you don’t own Landing Challenge Pro, you can pick up your copy from our store for £7.99 (plus VAT). You will then get access to 40 amazing challenges that will take you across the globe.

In order to update, you MUST first REMOVE the current version of Landing Challenge Pro from your ‘Community Folder’.

You must remove all folders associated with Landing Challenge Pro. This may be one single folder or multiple folders.

To then install, you MUST copy the “sofly-landing-challenge-pro” to your Community Folder.

You can now load up Microsoft Flight Simulator and enjoy the new Landing Challenges.

As always, if you find any issues or have feedback, please reach out to our support channel.

Landing Challenge Pro v1.3.0 Changelog

  • FIXED – Issues of not being able to restart a mission
  • FIXED – Some challenges would crash immediately upon loading
  • FIXED – Error message for not landing on runway when starting a challenge
  • FIXED – Various typos and inconsistencies in the titles of challenges
  • FIXED – Runways being incorrect
  • UPDATE – Runway designations for airports that have been updated with the simulator
  • MISC – Made compatible for Xbox and the in-sim Marketplace in the near future.

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