Landing Challenge Pro Now Updated to be Compatible with Sim Update V

We are pleased to announce that Landing Challenge Pro is now compatible with Sim Update V.

Following on from the recent update to Microsoft Flight Simulator, we were quick to learn that Landing Challenge Pro simply wouldn’t work with the latest update. We appreciate that this caused a huge amount of frustration for our customers and we’re very sorry this happened. Simply put, we did not have early access to the simulator in order to test the product. We then had a fix ready, but then the latest hotfix was released and we wanted to test everything worked before releasing the new update.

All that said, the update is now available in your account. Version 1.2.1 adds compatibility for Sim Update V of Microsoft Flight Simulator. If you purchased from another vendor, please check your account with that store. Installers have been sent out but there may be a delay in them adding them to their stores.

In case you missed it, we added an additional FIVE challenges with the product with version 1.2.0. You can read a bit more about them here.

Once again, we would like to apologise to customers who had to wait for this update. If you do have issues, please consult our support portal.

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