Introducing the Ultimate SoFly Bundle – The Perfect Holiday Gift

This holiday season, why not give someone the ultimate flight simulation gift with our Ultimate SoFly Bundle.

Our new physical bundle includes everything a newcomer to flight simulation will need to have an amazing time with their new sim. Included is a voucher for A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition, Weather Preset Pro, and Landing Challenge Pro. Combined, these products will give you the tools you need to get started in the simulator, as well as test your skills to be the best virtual pilot.

Also inside the box is an aviation-themed keychain, a SoFly Green notebook (perfect for taking notes) and a pen. Plus, you can also get a personalised note for the person receiving the Ultimate SoFly Bundle.

All of this will then be delivered FREE OF CHARGE to UK customers.

Our Ultimate SoFly Bundle is just £47.99 (including VAT) and includes everything you need for the perfect gift for any flight simmer.

Buy yours today and it will be shipped within 24-hours for FREE.

In the Box

  • Voucher for A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition (to then download for your sim)
  • Voucher for Weather Preset Pro (to then download for your sim)
  • Voucher for Landing Challenge Pro (to then download for your sim)
  • Aviation themed keychain
  • SoFly Green notebook
  • Pen
  • Personalised note from the SoFly Team

Note: This product is only available to UK customers.

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