Customer Survey Results and Prize Winner

During January 2021, we asked our customers for feedback that will directly shape the future of SoFly.

Thank you to those that took part in the survey and provided us with valuable feedback to help make our products and services better. Below we’ll start sharing with you what we’re doing in response to the feedback and some of our future plans. We will also confirm the winner of our 50 Euro simMarket voucher.


Feedback: Easier way to find out the latest news on SoFly and product updates.

Our Response: We have adjusted our home page to show the past few blog entries including the latest product updates.

Feedback: Continue making updates to A Guide to Flight Simulator when the simulator is updated.

Our Response: We have version 1.90 planned to release shortly after the World Update for Microsoft Flight Simulator is released. This will include all the new details included.

Following on from version 1.90, we intend to move to version 2.00 which will continue to provide updates when the simulator is improved.

Feedback: Some grammar and spelling mistakes in A Guide to Flight Simulator.

Our Response: We have hired a professional proofreader to go through the entire manual over the next few weeks.

Following on the release of version 1.90, our proofreader will go through each page and fixing any issues present. Our commitment will to always provide free updates to the guide which fall below this quality assurance.

Feedback: Some tutorials need reworking with the recent flight simulator updates.

Our Response: Once the next world update is released, we’ll go through all the tutorials again and make any changes required for a future free update to A Guide to Flight Simulator.

Feedback: Additional presets for Weather Preset Pro.

Our Response: We will be releasing version 1.20 of Weather Preset Pro very soon which will include 10 additional presets, bringing the total to 60.

Feedback: Ability to subscribe / get frequent updates to A Guide to Flight Simulator.

Our Response: This is an interesting piece of feedback and we’ll be reviewing how to ensure we can continue to provide updates to the guide whilst also making sure it’s viable for us to continue providing regular and detailed updates.

Feedback: More tutorials for A Guide to Flight Simulator.

Our Response: We have a roadmap for more tutorials for our guides for a variety of add-ons, including third-party aircraft. More details on how we’ll get them to you coming soon, including innovative ways to interact with them.

Prize Winner

Congratulations to Roger Davies who won the 50 Euro simMarket gift prize. We have reached out to you and look forward to passing on the prize to you.

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