Coming Soon: A New and Improved User Experience

In a few short days, your experience with SoFly will get a lot better! On Thursday 25th March 2021, we’ll be moving to a brand new website including a new store.

What improvements will the change bring?

  • Improved communication. Releasing regular updates means that we need to better communicate when an update is available. Our new store will automatically notify you when an update is ready for your product.
  • Easier to leave your feedback. We are super keen to improve our products and we want to make it easier than ever to leave your feedback.
  • Cleaner design and easier experience. The new website will provide a much easier experience to navigate and discover new products.
  • Get quicker support. We’ll be introducing new tools to help you get even faster support.

In addition, we’re giving our branding a bit of a refresh. Whilst purple was a nice colour, green and blue is much more refreshing and in-line with our future vision.

IMPORTANT – Please note!

When we move your accounts to our new platform, you may get an email sent to you confirming your order. Please know that we have not charged you again. This is an automated email as the new store thinks you’ve made a purchase.

Our support team will be live during our transfer to answer any and all of your questions to make the experience as seamless as possible.

What does this mean for you?

In short, we’ll be transferring all of your orders to our new store platform and giving you easier access to our upcoming range of (exciting) products.

Will you need to do anything?

Yes, to keep your account secure, you will need to create a new login when the new store launches. You will need to use the original email you created when you first purchased your product from the current store. This will then sync up your orders and products to your new SoFly store account.

Should you have any issues with gathering your products, please send us a support ticket or a message through our new chatbot (once the store launches). We’ll provide exact details on how to do this once we launch on Thursday.

Are there New Products Coming Soon?

Yes! We’ll share more soon. 😉

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