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A Guide to Flight Simulator v1.40 Released – Snow & Ice, Assistance Options and Updating Your Sim

Version 1.40 of A Guide to Flight Simulator brings new information on snow and ice conditions along with how to get the most from the assistance options.

Glad you did the manual as this is the first sim I’ve had where I’ve used an aircraft with the G1000.  On the other sims I only flew classic aircraft with steam gauges.  With your guide I am now getting used to the glass cockpits…really great technology.

Garry L, via email.

We’re so pleased that customers like Garry are able to expand their type of flying because A Guide to Flight Simulator managed to help out. This week, we’re looking at various other aspects in the simulator including snow, ice and how you can use the various assistance options to help support you.

Version 1.40 brings new information in support of your new flight simulator. A Guide to Flight Simulator now features 200-pages of gorgeous content for you to enjoy. Find out everything changed in the blog notes below.

How to Get the Update

To get version 1.40, you will need to redownload it from your original point of purchase. If you ordered it from SoFly’s store, then you will need to login to your account and click on the download button for the new guide.

However, if you downloaded the guide from another store (e.g. simMarket), then you will need to login to that account and redownload it.

As a reminder, this update is free of charge for all customers.

Please note that all stores have now received the files, but it may take a few hours to get them uploaded. You should be notified when your store has a new download waiting.

If you have yet to become a customer, you can buy your copy here.

Here’s a more detailed look at what this update brings.

Snow & Ice

Snow and ice are an important element of the new flight simulator and this guide update gives you an idea on how the adverse weather will impact your aircraft. The guide will give you a flavour on also how to tackle some of the dangers ice build-up can bring to your aircraft.

Assistance Options

There are plenty of options for your simulator when it comes to having a helping hand. Newcomers to flight simulation may want to use these to help them get the best landing, whilst experienced simmers may want to find navigating cities a lot easier with some of the assistance options.

Updating the Simulator

With new builds for the new simulator being released regularly, it was time to introduce a brief tutorial on how to update your simulator. There’s also some guidance on some of the key changes that took place with the new build. This section will grow along with any build updates from the simulator itself.


V1.40 | Release Date: 23SEP2020

NEW – Snow and Weather Manipulation
NEW – Handling Icing In Your Aircraft
NEW – Accessibility Options
NEW – Updating Your Simulator
ADDED – Key features of simulator build
ADDED – Information on in-sim menu after build update
ADDED – Updated back cover
FIX – Acronym error on Page 134


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What’s Next?

Jet flying is next. Fast, fun and exciting. We can’t wait.

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