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A Guide to Flight Simulator v1.30 Released – TBM 930 Tutorial, SkyVector and More

This manual is well laid out and easy to read & understand. The walkthroughs are a good way of putting the information into practice. I will definitely get more out of FS2020 thanks to reading this!”

Gordan C, SimShack Customer

We’re excited to announce our latest update for A Guide to Flight Simulator has been released. Version 1.30 builds on our previous releases and adds a complete tutorial on becoming an expert with the TBM 930.

The tutorial will take you on a trip from Telluride Airport to Aspen Airport, whilst navigating the nearby mountains from VOR to VOR. The tutorial will cover everything from using the G3000 and the autopilot, to powering up the aircraft and shutting it down.

This update brings yet another 20-pages to the guide bringing the total page count to 190-pages of stunning material to help support you get to grips with Mircrosoft Flight Simulator.

How to Get the Update

To get version 1.30, you will need to redownload it from your original point of purchase. If you ordered it from SoFly’s store, then you will need to login to your account and click on the download button for the new guide.

However, if you downloaded the guide from another store (e.g. simMarket), then you will need to login to that account and redownload it.

As a reminder, this update is free of charge for all customers.

Please note that all stores have now received the files, but it may take a few hours to get them uploaded. You should be notified when your store has a new download waiting.

If you have yet to become a customer, you can buy your copy here.

Here’s a more detailed look at what this update brings.

TBM 930 Tutorial Flight

You will be doing an early morning departure from Telluride Airport to Aspen Airport in the TBM 930. You will learn how to turn the aircraft on from a ‘cold and dark’ state, add in VOR data and learn how to use the autopilot in the G3000. By the end of the flight, you will have covered a lot of new skills and techniques to help you become an even better virtual pilot.

Navigating Using VORs

You will be using VORs to fly between the two airports. Version 1.30 will feature a comprehensive look on how to program the information you need to fly using this type of navigation aid. Furthermore, you’ll be shown how to switch between various different navigation modes whilst in-flight.

Introduction to SkyVector

SkyVector is a wonderful online tool to help real-world and simulator pilots with flight planning. In version 1.30, we take the time to introduce you to the website and how you can use it for your own flight planning purposes.


V1.30 | Release Date: 16SEP2020

NEW – TBM 930 Tutorial [Part of TBM Tutorial]
NEW – Information on SkyVector Flight Planning [Part of TBM Tutorial]
NEW – Information on using VOR naviagation [Part of TBM Tutorial]
ADDED – Page numbers now link directly to pages within the guide
FIX – Minor spelling error on In-Sim Menu Options on page 48
FIX – Minor spelling error on ATC communication options on page 49
FIX – Minor spelling errors on Airliner section on pages 68 and 69
FIX – Some page numbers were incorrect after guide updates; now fixed


Where to Buy

We are pleased to announce that FlightSimWebShop is now an official reseller of A Guide to Flight Simulator.

Buy from Aerosoft

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What’s Next?

Our next update will focus on weather, icing and also taking a look at some of the more interesting visits to explore in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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