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A Guide to Flight Simulator Lite Edition: Maximum Performance and VR – Now Available

Based on customer feedback, we’re pleased to announce A Guide to Flight Simulator Lite Edition: Maximum Performance and VR. This new product will give experienced and newcomers to flight simulation the chance to get the most from your new simulator.

This stunning guide will guide you on getting the best performance from your brand new flight simulator. Get a smooth flying experience both in standard flight and in virtual reality. Our Lite Editions will keep you updated with the latest technology improvements and changes to the simulator to ensure you get the most from it. We also include other key information to help you get flying quickly with minimal set-up on your end.

Buy your copy from SoFly now for £4.99 (plus VAT).

“The easy to apply tweaks gave me an additional 15 frames in VR giving me the most memorable experience I’ve ever had in a flight simulator. 5 Stars

– Thomas Payne, Customer.

Please note that all of the details inside this guide is already in ‘A Guide to Flight Simulator Vol.1’.


  • Over 50 pages detailing how to get the most out of your flight simulator
  • Get the maximum performance from your simulator regardless of your PC specs
  • Virtual Reality ‘How-To’ Guide
  • Get the best performance from your VR headset
  • Key controls
  • ..and more!

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