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A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition – Pricing and Upgrade Information

We’re less than a week away from the release of A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition and we’re really excited to share with you what we have created. The response to our announcement was amazing and we’d like to thank everyone who emailed us expressing their excitement for what we have planned.

We have been in constant communication with customers since February of our plans to introduce a paid update to our guide and we now are ready to share the pricing and upgrade details for those of you looking to upgrade to A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition.

In short, customers who purchased the original A Guide to Flight Simulator can upgrade for £8.99 / €10.50 / $12.00 (excluding taxes).

What Will This Get You?

By upgrading to our Extended Edition, you will be able to access further updates, tutorials, how-to guides and much more. If you’re already familiar with our guide from before, we will continue to provide quality content in a timely manner as the simulator is updated.

Upon purchasing A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition on June 15th, you will have instant access to the following:

  • Icon A5 Tutorial
  • Top Rudder Solo 103 Tutorial
  • Airliner Training with the Airbus A320Neo
  • ‘Spotlight’ Section (Detailed info on great third-party freeware and payware)
  • ‘Discovery’ Section (Detailed info on great locations to discover in the world of flight simulator)
  • Sim Support and Troubleshooting Help
  • How-To: Install Third-Party content
  • How-To: Make a flight plan using AI traffic
  • World Update V Info
  • Sim Update IV Info

All of this adds over 60 new pages to the guide, bringing the total up to over 340!

By upgrading to the Extended Edition, you will also get regular free updates to the guide with even more tutorials and information. We’ll be sharing our roadmap soon so you can see exactly what’s coming and when.

What About New Customers?

Customers who haven’t purchased A Guide to Flight Simulator will have the option of purchasing the original guide for the same price, or buying the Extended Edition upfront. Buying the Extended Edition will secure you all future updates and all of the new content in the guide.

To buy A Guide to Flight Simulator: Extended Edition as a new customer, it will cost £19.99 / €23.00 / $28.00 / $35.95AUD (Tax-excluded).

Answering Your Questions

We have a full FAQ ready for you to read if you’re interested in learning more.

You can see our FAQ here.

Should you have any questions, you can always contact us via Tidio or on our support portal.

When Is It Out?

Tuesday, 15th June 2021! Not long to go!

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